FFXIV: dungeon preview for patch 2.4

Square Enix has released the details for the three dungeons that will be arriving with the release of patch 2.4

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belac091381d ago

nice, when i get my ps4 back from sony, maybe this will be released.

Drabent1381d ago

I finally quit this game, never should of changed from ffxi..........

Jubez1871381d ago

I know because a game where you HAVE to group up with other players, it takes 700 hours to do almost anything, transportation is nonexistent for the first half of your game time, slow as molasses combat, and a complete unbalanced class system will SURELY thrive in today's market.

FFXI did what it wanted to do VERY well at the time. But so did horses. But we've moved on to cars.

upallnightgaming1381d ago

Ready for Ninja, ready for those new dungeons with Fenrir!