Wasteland 2, A Refreshing Take on the Apocalypse - Cliqist

Mitchell Long writes: "For those unfamiliar with the series, Wasteland 2 is the sequel to 1988’s Wasteland. A post-apocalyptic rpg, it retains elements from the original game as well as early “Fallout” titles, with a retro-modern western vibe. The setting is 15 years after a nuclear holocaust, and you control a group of four Desert Rangers (no, Chuck Norris is not among them, though there are plenty of opportunities to kick ass). Ace, a seasoned Ranger, doesn’t return from a mission, and you spearhead a search team."

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Ocsta1414d ago

Fellow gamers, do yourselves a favour and don't ignore this game! It's a classic in the making and it deserves a place next to the greatest RPG's of all time!

lelo2play1414d ago

Fantastic game. One of my GOTY's for this year.

Ocsta1414d ago

Agreed. Best game I've played all year, though since Pillars of Eternity was delayed I reckon Dragon Age: Inquisition might give this masterpiece a run for RPG of the year :)