NBA 2K15 Trailer - Shaq 'N Cheese

2K Sports has released a new video trailer giving us a small taste of what to expect from NBA on TNT co-hosts Shaquille O'Neal and Ernie Johnson Jr. in NBA 2K15. The game will be released tomorrow.

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Ultra1409d ago

That may get you laughing at beginning, but down the stretch it would get repetitive or annoying fast. Cheesy at best.

ShowanW1409d ago

Yes and no... We all know that sports games can and will get repetitive, they only record so many lines of dialogue.

But to actually see, some "human" elements in there is great. This actually how it is when you watch the NBA on TNT.

With modern technology you would think that they could just get Ernie and Shaq back in the studio, have them record more dialogue, and patch it back into the game.