Destiny Improvements Are Coming

Bungie has revealed that discussions are ongoing about adding Raid matchmaking and private matches to Destiny.

Community manager Deej explained that while the developer is fully aware of the value offered by matchmaking systems, it's also not in-keeping with the difficulty or vision on which raids are built.

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die_fiend1410d ago

I think it's quite fair. The raid is extremely difficult - if the players can't talk to each other then they're toast. Damn, even when we could all speak to each other, we spent about 8 hours getting to, and being bested by the last boss.

Great missions though, odd that the only amazing mission in the game is locked away so tight.

Ozmoses1410d ago

what are you talking about?? all 6 people are in the same fire team....

members of the same fire team can talk to other fire team members... it is the people not it your fire team that CANNOT hear you...

I have been on the raid twice now... both times it had 5 other people including myself... I heard everyone talking....

Obviously if a person doesn't have a mic, there is nothing you can do.

ChuckTheIceMan1410d ago

So matchmake to find a group (it should have a filter to remove players that aren't the appropriate level) and then join a party. Also add a vote kick so we can weed out the terrible players.

ufo8mycat1410d ago

Have matchmaking as an OPTION.
It's not rocket science

Have if for those that need it, because they have friends in different timezones etc and those who can disable it.

Really not that hard at all Bungie.

caseh1410d ago

I need it, I have no friends. *cry*

Booyah1410d ago

Lol. Just stand in the tower and some people might be searching for some players to fill in.

n4rc1410d ago

That's exactly what happens.. Which is why their reasoning is ridiculous..

People are doing their own matchmaking.. And it's random.. They are just making it more difficult then it needs to be

danowat1410d ago

Yes, these days developers really should be giving gamers options, rather than taking them away.

Lack of the option of matchmaking in Raids, Heroics and nightfalls is ridiculous.

fOrlOnhOpe571410d ago

Yeah, I would be quite happy to team up with 5 strangers.I'm sure each of the other players would appreciate the commitment to reach that goal.

BurntWolfAnkles1410d ago

Agreed, and maybe I can finally play the raid.

HotSoup1410d ago

The destiny app is kinda like a match making system given it does take more time. I found all my raid buddies threw the app. and when ever i need people for Daily or weekly strikes i use the app.

philm871410d ago

Think Bungie said they wanted to get players to meet others in the Tower to get together as groups if you wanted to do raids etc. But there's probably not enough players going about to do that, especially above level 26.

gear1409d ago

Gamer A:Destiny improvements are coming!!
Gamer B:but what are the improvements developer
Developer: I could tell u .......... but lately it is stoped......