Why #PS4NoParity is a Thing (And Why You Should Care)

Forcing parity on a title, when it can take advantage of the hardware it’s running on, is an insult to gamers who are more informed than publishers (or even many journalists) give them credit for.

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OpieWinston1326d ago

Least the website doesn't deny what they are.

It'll be 1080p+ on PC...I feel bad for the people who bought a console for the best looking multiplat titles. That's what PCs have been there for a while now.

Before you feed me some non sense about how you don't have the money for a good PC, anyone with half a brain can work out a nice budget PC plan. Budget PC come out to be much more powerful than consoles over the course of a year.

This is getting ridiculous.

Mr Pumblechook1326d ago

Jeremy Conrad you seem to not understand at this deal did not happen because Ubisoft wanted to be diplomatic, it's happening because Microsoft has a sponsored partnership with them for this game.

Thatguy-3101326d ago

But why is it hard to understand that a lot of people rather just game on consoles? This is a conversation regarding the PS4 and xbox one which are home CONSOLES. I could have understood last generation parity decisions because the 360 had the more install base but this generation it's all different since the more powerful CONSOLE has the bigger install base.

Death1326d ago

How do you know the forced parity isn't due to the PS4's limitations with their CPU? So far today the only answer I have recieved is theoretical performance of the PS4's CPU without taking GDDR into concideration. Both consoles use the same CPU with the Xbox One CPU running 10% faster and having access to DDR3 which is made for CPU computations. The PS4 uses the same CPU at a stock speed with access to graphics ram. Sony uses the GPU to offload CPU functions to make up for the GDDR5's performance hit when used as CPU ram. If AI is trully the issue with Unity, it is most likely due to the PS4's reliance on the GPU side of the APU.

The PS4's focus is on making games pretty, not smart. The lack of features on the PS4 are missing for a reason. The hardware isn't optimised to do much more than render graphics. When a game relies more on the CPU, the PS4 loses it's edge.

I am by no means saying the Xbox One version of Unity would run at a higher resolution, but I am saying the PS4 has limitations which is most likely what is causing this "forced" parity. From the sounds of it Ubi didn't want the PS4's AI to take a back seat to the graphics.

-Alpha1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )


Just ignore him. You are right: this is a console issue. Presumably, if the PC version is held back due to console limitations, it's Ubisoft's fault for not optimizing PC. That doesn't make it the fault of consoles.

In the same way, even if Xbox can't match PS4, it's still Ubisoft's fault for not optimizing PS4. Case closed. We have lots of games where developers optimized the PS4 version in spite of Xbox.

Ubisoft was stupid enough to tell people that they are holding back the PS4 version to stop debates, and they deserve flak for it.


I have heard the same thing, but if that is truly the case, then there was absolutely no reason for Ubisoft to tell people that the are locking down the PS4 version to "Stop debates"

That in itself sounds like a contradiction to me. I'm skeptical of the CPU being a limit on PS4 considering that the original aim was 1080/60 FPS. It's not like Ubisoft suddenly realized that the CPU was an issue.

Regardless, the point here is that #PS4NoParity is an important way for consumers to fight back against what Ubisoft said.

There are some disturbing comments that fans should stop "whining" about this. Reminds me of people who were complacent with Xbox's DRM. #PS4NoParity should be supported by consumers as it's important to remember that consumers have a voice too, and that their "no debates" nonsense reasoning deserves to be challenged and called out.

If the A.I is so superior that the CPU was limited, then fine. But Ubisoft did not exactly say just that, and went out of their way to give a stupid justification. It's their own fault that the backlash exists and that PS4 fans are rightfully challenging the reasoning.

hello121326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Death don't argue with people who are clueless, its pointless.

Ubisoft does have to answer what do they mean by parity. Did they reduce the resolution for PS4 to achieve that?

I think its wrong if they done that. Ubisoft needs to explain why the PS4 version is 900p not 1080p, i agree with Sony fans with this.

The CPU is an issue and that's not a lie at all.

Muerte24941326d ago

in order for the PC version to be held back it would have to have been the lead platform, which in this case it wasn't. also when making a game for PC you have to have the lowest common denominator in mind for all the different PC configuration. Most configurations today are well below what consoles offer. I don't plan on supporting any developer who thinks this is ok.

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fluffydelusions1326d ago

Ubi PC ports pretty much always perform like shit so I do not have my hopes up

uth111326d ago

This is an Ubisoft title, so it will be completely hosed on the PC, as usual.

tinynuggins1326d ago

But the downside is in the end, you're stuck with a PC. PC's can be a million times more powerful than consoles but in the end, I just want to sit down on my couch and play a game with my friends on my tv without having to deal with a PC. Just my opinion/preference.

Jaqen_Hghar1326d ago

and what if the PC version was capped for the sake of PS4 having parity with it? No way that would sit well. Same principal at work here. A more powerful platform being held back due to less powerful platforms makes for a very backwards industry.

gangsta_red1326d ago


This is what kills me, for the longest during the PS3, any PC guy that came in saying their version was better and spouted 1080p they were quickly ran out the thread by sony campers claiming that 1080p didn't matter and it was all about the games.

They threw the term "PC elitist" around and also said that to get those types of graphics you would have to spend over 5000 dollars or some other ridiculous, over the top price.

Now the hypocrisy once again continues as now 1080p is the ONLY thing that matters even though the developer has stated it's because of the CPU that they can't achieve 1080p.
But nope...lets blame the X1.

It's Final Fantasy 13 all over again. Super quick to blame another console because they refuse to believe there's might not be able to really handle a sequel to a game that's doing more, has more on screen, huge multiplayer and such that sequels always have.

Juangie31326d ago

A PC is a completely different beast. Why do PC players keep stating the obvious nobody cares. (If we did we'd be gaming on PCs)

LamerTamer1326d ago

And you totally miss the point. This has nothing to do with PCs. It has to do with holding back one version for political reasons, not hardware limitations. It is a really piss poor practice. It is bad no matter who gets held back, including PCs. They should let the game run as good as they can for all platforms. PC>PS4>xbone>Wii U for graphics, games should reflect that.

DigitalRaptor1326d ago

Deflection doesn't win arguments.

- Jeremy Conrad owns an XB1 and owns games for it.
- PS4 IS the stronger, more capable hardware. It was marketed as "the world's most powerful gaming console" ( ), and so that was a selling point for the PS4, whether you like it or not.

internationterrorist1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

I love how delusional pc fanboy are. How console are so horrible and weak. But PCs where created by God himself with his own two hands. Lol lol lol lol;)

Some of us simple peasants have other more important things to spend your money on than gaming PCs. I'm perfectly happy with the preformance of the PS4. It's not a priority to spend more money than the Cost of a PS4. GameSpot has already stated that a budget pc to match the preformance of the PS4 cost about 600 . That's two dollars more than a PS4 . For Better preformance than a PS4 1000-3000 for slightly higher resolution and frame rates no thanks. You pc fanboys do understand that AAA pc and next gen console games are the same games. The Pc version just give you Set you graphics setting. Meanwhile PS4 and x1 games come

I enjoy playing competitive multiplayer games online. Consoles are superior to pc when it comes to online multi player competitive games. PSN and xbox live gold you get what you pay for. Better protection against online cheaters. PC online gaming cheating is at epidemic levels. Pc gamers just download program to help them cheat. PC is open architecture and will never be able to stop Aimbots and Botting in competitive multiplayer online games.

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Doritos_Pope1326d ago

Parity = no buy. make the game the best each system can handle!

Death1326d ago

How many multiplatform games take advantage of Kinect? Does forced parity only apply to graphics? Kinect is dead because of the PS4's inabilities and larger userbase. It's ok for Xbox One gamers to lose what could have been a new way to interact with games, but PS4 fans cry foul when they feel they are entitled to more than the developers can give them?

If I were Ubi I would pull the game from the PS4's release schedule. It's clear PS4 fans want nothing more than graphics heavy games with little to no substance.

-Alpha1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Are you actually blaming Kinect's failures on... PS4?

This can't be real. The mental gymnastics you have to go through to have to push all blame on Sony is unbelievable.

Death1326d ago

If multi platform developers want to target the largest possible customer base, what incentive do they have to spend resources on Kinect, Project Morpheus, or anything that differentiates one platform over another? Blu-ray had zero impact on gaming last gen. It wasn't the limitations of Blu-rays slow seek speeds on the PS3 as much as it was for the fact anything developers did with the format only applied to half of the gamers.

The original Xbox was a much stronger platform than the PS2, but gamers seen very little benefit since the lowest common denominator was used. The PS3 was stronger than the Xbox 360, but the 360 was the lowest common denominator. The very small edge the PS4 has over the Xbox One isn't enough for devs to spend more time and money for the few that feel 1080p native is a requirement over 1080p upscaled. As long as the texture quality is the same, no one knows the differance.

With that said, Ubi didn't site the GPU as being the problem with Unity, it's the CPU and that is an area the Xbox One is stronger. The PS4's CPU is the reason the game isn't hitting 1080p natively on the PS4, not the Xbox One's GPU. The Xbox One's GPU is what is keeping the game from being 1080p native on Microsofts platform.

Majin-vegeta1326d ago

Kinect is dead because of the PS4's inabilities and larger userbase.

OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS??Kinect is dead cuz MS thought it was okay to include something that people didnt want which syrocketed the damn price up.People aren't going to pay for something they dont want.

OrangePowerz1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Kinect was already dead on the 360 when the 360 had the larger userbase. Nothing to do with PS4.

The PS4 doesn't have a small edge over the X1. I know very well what each one is capable of. Someone doesn't want to upset MS and keep a good relationship as easy as that.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Trying to blame the failure of Microsoft to create a simple, unobtrusive device that detects motion and can be used as a camera has absolutely nothing to do with the PS4. To make such a claim is utterly ridiculous. The reason people are annoyed by this situation is that the performance of new games are not only being stifled by last generation consoles, the graphics and performance of games on next gen consoles is also being stifled by a "console parity" clause. Sony isn't the company that's forcing devs who are developing games on both consoles to "dumb down" everything from graphics to frame rates, Microsoft is. Your comments remind me of when Donald Rumsfeld was the secretary of defense, "There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know."

Earlier you mentioned that the PS4 is only designed to produce shiny graphics, in reality, it can perform every task that the Xbox One can perform and more. The fact that there are more games available on the PS4 at 1080p/60fps should more than prove the PS4's CPU and GPU superiority. As for running background tasks and apps, I didn't buy a gaming console for it's ability to run apps and pin items to a UI, I bought a gaming console to play games. All that multi-media stuff is nice, but it has nothing to do with gaming.

Jaqen_Hghar1326d ago

No one is saying 900p is unplayable or bad. It's bad that they're not trying their hardest to provide the best experience they can on PS4. Instead they're trying to please MS suits. If you were a PC owner who owned a more powerful rig than Xbox One would you want them to cap the PC version? It's one of the perks of PS4 and they're robbing us of it for the sake of MS money. Bad principle. Nothing to do with what's more playable but more about what is acceptable as a business. We know the game will be similar to other AC games so it'll be great in a man's mind but he won't support a company that does this stuff.

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Mikelarry1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Its like ubisoft is trying really hard to be hated. From the document where they said the will start annualising thier franchises to micotransaction in AC and now this parity fiasco. If there was any doubts it my mind how far ubisoft has fallen THIS has just confirmed it. i really hope whatever made them make all these missteps it was worth it

AaronPS1326d ago

Well wasn't Black Flag 900p on both when it released. Hopefully, a bit of controversy will bump it up on PS4. I have no respect for developers who gimp a product for the sake of trying to even things out. Its called progress and they'll probably piss off more people than if there were different resolutions

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081326d ago

It's a dumb move by ubisoft! they could at least try to utilize the power of both systems, instead they take the cheap route, and that's parity because they don't want one looking better than the other. If i'm wrong about this, then i want to know what other reason they made this stupid decision.

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