Driveclub's Remote Play "Will Surprise You;" 135 Mb Day One Patch and Patch Notes Now Available

It's just about twelve hours away from the release of Driveclub in North America, and Sony Computer Entertainment issued a 135 MB patch to the game. while the game director gives more info about the game.

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memots1293d ago

Hey pass on some of those bubble will ya?

I genuinely lost them because i used the F-word once and spam a thread cause Chrome would not refresh. I am a good guy i promise !! :P

On topic. My pre-order was on for the Ps+ version and i will check before heading to bed and hopefully it becomes available at midnight Est , that would make it available here on the west coast at 9pm pst ..

Majin-vegeta1293d ago

Sadly I think for the PS+editon we gotta wait till tomorrow after they update the PS Store :(.I feel your pain.

memots1293d ago


I guess that would be why i am getting all the disagree, Thanks for replying :)

Kurisu1293d ago

Looking forward to downloading the PS+ edition when it launches in the UK! Happy gaming to those in NA that get it before us :)

SniperControl1293d ago

Cant believe we gotta wait till the 10th! Wanna play it now.

MegaRay1293d ago

Go get one. Deserve every penny.

leahcim1293d ago

...every penny!!!

I love my Vita

Minute Man 7211293d ago

By Feb the latest I should have one

travisbitter1293d ago

I bought one 1 year ago... After playing KZ: Merc, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, the Danganronpa remakes, I can honestly tell you. You'll be glad to have one. Cheers!

Viperoholic1293d ago

I love my Vita too. Too bad since i got my ps4 i use it more like a add on.

Tinglebob1293d ago

It will def suprise me if it works my vita remote play hasn't worked since the last ps4 update hopefully the next ps4 update will resolve it.

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