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"Natural Doctrine is a strategy role-playing game with a sadistic side. It's a brutal and uncompromising experience, one keen on taxing players and pushing them to their limits with its intense difficulty.

The architects behind the title invite comparisons with Dark Souls, and have certainly built a similarly steep hill to climb. Natural Doctrine is enigmatic and soul-crushing, but lacks execution and awareness. Simply being tough as nails doesn't make an experience rewarding."

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user3672721379d ago

Very unfortunate score...was excited for this game for a while now.

TheWackyMan1379d ago

5 is an average score, so it should be ok.

3-4-51379d ago

5/10 isn't average at all...

I haven't read one good thing about this game.

OB1Biker1379d ago

they didnt give much more to Shadow of Mordor

knifefight1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

"They?" It wasn't the same reviewer.

"They" didn't give anything to anything. Chris reviewed one game and Kyle reviewed the other.

Qrphe1379d ago

Do you enjoy enjoy niche unforgiving strategy games that try something new and innovative? Then go ahead and play it, else you're not the target market for it.

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