10 interactive loading screens that actually don’t suck

Destiny recently reminded us how bad game loading screens can be. Here are 10 examples of how it should be done.

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crazytown991411d ago

That Okami one saved me some time. Which was good because that game is ridiculously long.

ColManischewitz1411d ago

I don't mind loading screens -- good time to stretch your legs for a sec.

Muzikguy1410d ago

Or hit the bathroom, or grab a beer. I never minded them either, unless they were ridiculously long

MaximusPrime_1411d ago

Fantastic Four on PS1 has a good loading screen. Small race track with 4 vehicles.

I know it's the worst game ever

scark921411d ago

So glad Dragon Ball Z showed up, I must say my favourite are the Fifa games, its never boring!

Ace Killa 081410d ago

There was an old racing game for Xbox and Ps2 maybe, had pong as a waiting game while the game loaded. Playing that with friends prior to racing was fun. Especially the smack talk we did for that game.

OhMyGandhi1410d ago

you are thinking of "Test Drive".
And I was going to add this as well.
The game was rather average, but Pong put a smile on my face. I remember when the game came out, there was a running joke that you get the game for pong, and it comes with a racing game as well.

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