Entertainment Buddha-cast: Ep. 19 – “Shadow of Isolation”

EB's Matt Heywood writes, "The Entertainment Buddhacast returns with a new episode focused solely on gaming!

In the latest cast myself, TenBensons, and Ray Porreca break down our Shadow of Mordor experiences and impressions. We then transition into a conversation on Destiny’s loot issues and the death of the two murder caves that players loved to farm. From there the talk moves to Alien: Isolation and how high our expectations are for the game. We really just want the franchise to be treated correctly in video game form, and so far it looks like Creative Assembly has nailed its vision for the game. Finally, we each talk about a few soon-to-be released AAA titles that we can’t wait to play before 2014 is through."

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snowbearder1327d ago

Shadow of Mordor seems pretty sick, might have to give it a go.

FrogSpork1327d ago

Absolutley loving Mordor, about to hop into Isolation in a couple of minutes actually. New undies at the ready!