Is Sony releasing too many PlayStation 4 bundles?

PS4Daily: "Sony has released 24 PS4 bundles so far, and the console hasn't been on the market for even a year."

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DarkOcelet1258d ago

The more the variants the better because i get to choose what game i want :) .

ramiuk11257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

these lines though

All these bundles beg the question: why? Bundles are usually released to boost console sales, but as we all know, the PlayStation 4 is doing just fine — it has sold well over 10 million units to date. However, while the PS4 has been selling well in North America, the situation isn’t as good in Europe, where most of the bundles are.

isnt doing good in europe?? its doing well everywhere!!

and what a crap site,while reading this pops up as important news that will interest me

a firmware update from july WTF????

bouzebbal1257d ago

Gamers and people in general choose the system with most variety, and bundles reflect that pretty well.
GTA5 PS4 bundle, LBP3 bundle are on the way and will both sell BIG.

Frodosmugins1257d ago

Shame most of the games are medicore at best when you look at the awesome games coming out next year!

I think ill hold on to buy my Ps4 till Bloodbourne comes out!(hopping for a bundle)
By the time im done with that The Division should be out and the cycle of good games start!
Cant wait!!!!!!!!

Magicite1257d ago

24? Holy SH#T! Im waiting for introduction of golden colored PS4.

Volkama1257d ago

You'd think, but actually there are very few bundles available at any given time.

A few weeks back there were TLOU and Destiny bundles at £349.99. Those are a lot harder to find now, but there are lots of Driveclub bundles.

They seem to rotate them out very quickly, but the old bundles get the RRP pushed up to £399.99 rather than being sold through until there is no stock. Bit strange, but good storefront visibility (incl online stores).

Anyone in the UK looking to pick up a console right now should check out though. £330 with Wolfenstein stood out, and there are some other great packages there.

ramiuk11257d ago

asda have ps4 and any game for £330 using code CONSOLE20

badz1491257d ago

Too many? Wtf is wrong with them? Choices are bad too now? What is it this time? There aren't as many Xbone bundles available, so we have to have parity with THAT too?

TheFanboySlayer1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Brack Friday Bundurus lol jkjk I'm pissed I wanted a white one soo my black ps4 :(

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TimeSkipLuffy1258d ago

It is always good to have more options. It would show more love & effort if the bundles would be kinda special like MS is doing with their Call of Duty bundle. But you can never have enough bundles!

SolidStoner1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

lol, it's weird. always complain articles, when its not enough its bad.. when its too much its bad again.. ahh I now understand.. SONY did not ask how many bundles they need! now I get it!

Magg31001257d ago

The market demands choice, and business is good.

dragonyght1257d ago

its good to have options

MasterCornholio1257d ago

It make be scary for some people but I think it's a great way to sell a system.

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