Halo: The Master Chief Collection developers and execs pick their favorite Halo maps of all time

You have your favorite Halo maps, sure. But which ones are the favorites of the people who work on the games?

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Sadie21001257d ago

Guardian is a good one. I kind of forgot about that. I'm very much looking forward to having all the maps together in one place!

darkronin2291257d ago

Mine would probably be Blood Gulch. Spent a lot of late nights playing with my cousins on that map.

Gbits1257d ago

Call me sentimental, but this collection just makes me long for anything Halo that had the word "Bungie" attached to it.

frostbite061257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Bungie was heading in the wrong direction with this series with Halo Reach. 343 continued that direction with Halo 4. I enjoyed both games, but it was clear they were going away from the competitive arena based syle gameplay this series was know for.

Here's hoping Halo 5 gets it back on track!

ColManischewitz1257d ago

Doesn't matter what map I was on -- I died quickly and often.

JeffGrubb1257d ago

Pouring one out. (This is Shoe's last story in gaming media)

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The story is too old to be commented.