Should Nintendo take amiibo to tablets and other consoles?

Are Nintendo limiting themselves by only putting amiibo on their own consoles? Or should they finally go multiplatform?

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namEuser1384d ago

No, they should not...IMO. They already have a mobile gaming platform that's selling like hotcakes, that's where the Amiibo brand should stop. They have it for WiiU as well. To have Amiibos work with a cell phone or tablet would mean it would need the presence of a Nintendo game, annnnnd that we do not need...IMO Want to play a Nintendo game or product then buy what u need to do so :)PlayNintendo:)

MurDocINC1384d ago

Nintendo stands to make huge profit with Amiibos. Once Pokemon Amiibos release, millions are going to want them, and a new 3DS/WiiU to play them on.

CaptainN1383d ago

Pokemon Rumble figures were already released....barely anyone spoke about them!

wonderfulmonkeyman1384d ago

Should Sony take The Last of Us to Wii U?
Should Microsoft take Halo to PS4?
Hmm, so many questions based off the same faulty logic...

Short and sweet: No. First party IP's and merchandise should stay where they are the majority of the time.

plmkoh1384d ago

Flagship games =/= merchandise designed to broaden the audience.

You should check your logic.

wonderfulmonkeyman1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

And you should get some in the first place.
Difference in form doesn't matter when both are first-party materials or tied in directly with said first party materials, which was the point I was making.
Amiibos are designed specifically to link up to Nintendo's first-party games.
Taking them to other systems would require them to do the same with their games.
Hence, they shouldn't do so, not only because selling out your best franchises en masse like that is an idiotic business move, but also because both Sony and Microsoft have refused to do so for the same good business reasons.

So, again, with caps for emphasis since apparently no one freaking reads a whole post anymore: FIRST PARTY IP'S AND MERCHANDISE TIED TO THEM SHOULD STAY WITH THEIR PARENT COMPANY.

plmkoh1383d ago

And apparently you didn't READ my short ass comment. I never said anything about first party IP's and merchandise needing to stay on 1st party hardware and I said that games aren't the same as merchandise and this is directly pointing out your logic that somehow merchandise should be treated the same.

But like trust Nintendo fans to continue giving poor feedback into their own loved company, the greatest asset Nintendo has and always will be is the IP not the hardware. Even Nintendo understands this and has made an iOS companion game that is actually well received, but no continue to be stubborn and gimp it's future, and keep insisting that a simple toy that has imbedded NFC chips should only be usable on Nintendo hardware and not any possible companion readers or applications.

wonderfulmonkeyman1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I did read it.
You just didn't make a sensible argument.
This merchandise is on the same level as the games because it is TIED TO THEM.
It's designed as a companion piece to increase interest in THEIR SYSTEMS and THEIR GAMES.
Not piddly little phone app games that get quickly buried by all the other shovel-ware on the app stores.
Putting the figures elsewhere would REQUIRE the games that they are tied to going into DIFFERENT SYSTEMS.

Hence, in this instance, putting the figures elsewhere = putting their first party IP's elsewhere.
One little tcg app is not on the same scale as this. This would be akin to going full out third party.
And doing that would be moronic for Nintendo, because they don't need to sell out their franchises to broaden their audience.

JuleyJules1384d ago

Amiibo will do fine on Wii U and 3DS. No need to dream that Nintendo needs to put them on anything else. Besides they connect with Nintendo games so there's nothing for them to connect with on any other system. If people want them they'll need a Wii U for now.

DragoonsScaleLegends1384d ago

Yeah they should go to mobile so I can stop caring about my wii u and the nintendo brand.... WHAT!

Brucis1384d ago

Pointless, everybody and their dog knows Mario and co. You really can't "expose [their games and characters] to a wider audience" when pretty much everybody who plays games at least recognizes or has heard of your characters.

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