AC Unity: #PS4noparity hashtag blows Up, Gamers upset over Ubisoft's decision

GC - "It was recently revealed that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of AC Unity will be locked at 900p."

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nX1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

That's what I'm talking about :D
We should all vote with our wallets in the end but showing those huge publishers that parity sucks is something I'll definately support. 10 studios are working on this game, probably way more than 1000 people in total and they can't even give every console it's own version? After Watch Dogs, Ubisoft really should know better.

Smurf11294d ago

Exactly, this is not cool at all. One version should not suffer because the other can't handle it. Gamers should vote with their wallets and tell Ubisoft that this stuff isn't gonna fly.

xHeavYx1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Not sure if Ubisoft is going to care, but it's a shame what they are doing. For sure I'm not buying this game.
Funny thing though is that they did what they did to avoid debates, they should have thought of avoiding shooting themselves on the foot

GarrusVakarian1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Inb4 someone says "The PS4 isn't being gimped. What do you expect, for the PS4 version to be 1080p 60fps?". Resolution and framerate aren't the only factors of parity.

Ubisoft are straight up admitting that they are going for graphical parity. That will include a hell of a lot more than just the res.

A garbage decision from an increasingly garbage developer. These consoles aren't the same, devs need to be getting the most out of each one. People make their choice of which console they want to spend hundreds of their hard earned money on, and they should deal with that choice. Worrying about certain groups whining that they're version isn't as good will only put you into situations like this one.

Ballsack1294d ago

Ubisoft should be ashamed

This is going to damage them more than they realize

badz1491294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I think Ubisoft is just fishing for Sony's money again like they did with AC IV. they hope Sony will splash some money their way for another exclusive marketing and then BAAMM 1080p!

I hope Sony don't cave in though. and I hope more people will give them a lesson by not buying this crap and see if they dare pulling this kind of stunt again!


and it seems like a person with a familiar username "corvusmd" is spreading BS on the Gamechup site! If I remember right, he's one of the biggest xbone fanboys on N4G!

uptownsoul1294d ago

I'll be checking out the game used…No developer will get my money when they purposefully gimp a game

darthv721294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

ubisoft isnt going to care.

Seems that the trend is, if a 3rd party game is multi, they will strive for parity. if a 3rd party game is exclusive, they 'should' make their best effort to take advantage.

the only games that have no reason to skimp are 1st and 2nd party games.

@badz, are you suggesting that to fix just need to throw money at ubisoft? That could lead to a bidding war.

Eonjay1294d ago

Ubisoft is so wrong here. Destiny proves that the Xbox One is perfectly cable of 1080p, but instead of trying to get it to do so, they gimped the PS4 so they wouldn't have to bother. Everyone should be against this.

Death1294d ago

What example do any of you have where the PS4's CPU is superior or offers better AI than the Xbox One? The developer clearly said that the GPU's are not the issue for Unity, it's the CPU.

How narrow minded do you have to be to want native 1080p over better AI? Both games will output at 1080p due to the upscaler both consoles share. We aren't seeing sub 1080p like many of you pretend non-native games offer.

If you want games to evolve past prettier versions of last gen games, you will need to let go of native 1080p being the threshold of next gen gaming.

We should all applaud Ubi having the balls to make a game aggresive enough to not be constrained by the publics bs opinion that native 1080p is the standard for new games.

For those that want to believe the PS4 was "gimped", grow up and get a new hobby. You are ruining the one I've had for many generations.

mikeslemonade1294d ago

Haha AC has been bullcrap since AC1. Finally people the hardcore gamers are getting fed up.

I'm actually buying this game but selling it back after a few weeks. And I'm glad this decision is backfiring. Did they honestly think this would slipped under the rug in the gaming community. Since they discussed the politics of this decision, they will get an outcry.

gootimes1294d ago

I don't remember devs being kind to help the PS3 last gen with multiplat parity.

Interesting how much devs want to help now and how it is taboo to debate multiplat differences now that Sony has the advantage.

EXVirtual1294d ago

You know there was one guy's on Neogaf that said that the gap is apparently closing. Lol
On topic:
Ubisoft was quite naive. Like Smurf1 said, it is what should be happening when a company acts like sellouts.

Kayant1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

"What example do any of you have where the PS4's CPU is superior or offers better AI than the Xbox One? The developer clearly said that the GPU's are not the issue for Unity, it's the CPU."

- And? it's not like the CPU will be doing the majority of the work rendering the game at x resolution. If CPU is the issue that means they should be able to do more with the GPU.

"How narrow minded do you have to be to want native 1080p over better AI? Both games will output at 1080p due to the upscaler both consoles share. We aren't seeing sub 1080p like many of you pretend non-native games offer. " - Loool that Aaron greenburg referencing. What has the CPU doing AI work have to do with the GPU rendering a resolution. Also non-native means IQ suffers depending on AA.

"We should all applaud Ubi having the balls to make a game aggresive enough to not be constrained by the publics bs opinion that native 1080p is the standard for new games.

For those that want to believe the PS4 was "gimped", grow up and get a new hobby. You are ruining the one I've had for many generations." - Loool yh let's praise Ubisoft for not pushing platforms /s. Also wth are you on about? They don't have the balls which is why the parity exists. In their words - "We decided to lock them at the same specs to avoid all the debates and stuff,"

That's a cop-out not having balls. And please with the generation nonsense same can be said about your comments about MS's parity clause release policy for indies.

kneon1294d ago


So lets assume the CPUs are close enough to be pretty much the same. The GPUs are certainly not the same.

On the PS4 they likely could have pushed off some work from the CPU to GPU thus freeing up CPU resources, but that's not an option on the XB1 due to the weaker GPU.

BG115791294d ago

What did people excepted from the guys that forcibly downgraded the effects of Watch Dogs PC version?
It took sometime for the hacker to discover how to unlock the full potential of the PC version.

Yet, Ubisoft is a good company growing to big and making bad choices. I hope the understand the message before it's to late.

GribbleGrunger1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I have to give a shout out to all those XB1 gamers who said the gap would close. it seems you were right.

Death1294d ago

The PS4 uses the GPU to perform tasks such as AI when the CPU needs to offload some of it's work. Since the CPU is using graphics memory instead of DDR it offloads more on the PS4's APU than on the Xbox One's that uses conventional CPU DDR. If the GPU is performing CPU tasks, it takes away from GPU performance. The more advanced the AI is in a game, the more the PS4's APU needs to offload work from the CPU to the GPU.

On the Xbox One the AI isn't an issue, but getting graphic quality the same as the PS4 requires the use of eSram which is less than ideal too. Neither console is using the ideal or perfect solution since both use a single pool of ram for their APU's. This is why PC's have dedicated DDR for CPU's and dedicated GDDR for the GPU's.

DragonKnight1294d ago

@Death: Wow, I was hoping you weren't serious, but you're actually trying to say that the PS4, the console which in EVERY way is more powerful than the Xbox One, with the games to prove it, is less powerful in CPU performance than the Xbox One to the point where the PS4 version needs to be gimped to keep up with the Xbox One version? You're insane. Which console has had consistent, and necessary, downgrades to its games since launch to a number way beyond coincidence hmm? Hint: It's not the PS4 or the WiiU.

I am loathed to link to an Ars Technica article, but this will end your argument.

Kayant1294d ago


"The PS4 uses the GPU to perform tasks such as AI when the CPU needs to offload some of it's work." - Wow wow the FUD is strong with you. That is a completely lie. No where does it says that is what devs have to do and that is how the PS4 is setup. GPGPU can be used optionally if needed by devs to do traditional cpu tasks it is not a requirement in anyway.

"Digital Foundry: Going back to GPU compute for a moment, I wouldn't call it a rumour - it was more than that. There was a recommendation - a suggestion? - for 14 cores [GPU compute units] allocated to visuals and four to GPU compute...
Mark Cerny: That comes from a leak and is not any form of formal evangelisation. The point is the hardware is intentionally not 100 per cent round. It has a little bit more ALU in it than it would if you were thinking strictly about graphics. As a result of that you have an opportunity, you could say an incentivisation, to use that ALU for GPGPU."

"There are many, many ways to control how the resources within the GPU are allocated between graphics and compute. Of course, what you can do, and what most launch titles will do, is allocate all of the resources to graphics. And that’s perfectly fine, that's great. It's just that the vision is that by the middle of the console lifecycle, that there's a bit more going on with compute."

"If you look at the portion of the GPU available to compute throughout the frame, it varies dramatically from instant to instant. For example, something like opaque shadow map rendering doesn't even use a pixel shader, it’s entirely done by vertex shaders and the rasterization hardware -- so graphics aren't using most of the 1.8 teraflops of ALU available in the CUs. Times like that during the game frame are an opportunity to say, 'Okay, all that compute you wanted to do, turn it up to 11 now.'"

Death1294d ago


You just linked me to an article that states both consoles are essentially the same in performance. Did you read it? It even states the CPU in the Xbox One is faster and this is before the update that removed the allocation to Kinect.

"In any case, we certainly aren't looking at the kind of difference in graphical quality you see in some cross-platform games from earlier in the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation, where graphical details could differ significantly between platforms. As we've mentioned, these two consoles are largely capable of rendering the exact same scene in the exact same way. Even though the Xbox One has a slightly faster CPU, the PS4 has a larger GPU. And both consoles take different approaches to delivering developers similar amounts of memory and memory bandwidth.

One thing is clear: the era of the console wars that focused entirely on raw specifications is already on the wane following the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation. You have to dig pretty deep and have strong moral objections to resolution scaling to find significant arguments about console specs in this day and age (unless you're arguing about the Wii U, of course)."

Essentially both consoles can render the same scenes according to the article. Ubi is making it very clear the issue with Unity isn't related to the GPU in either consoles which is where PS4 has an advantage, they are saying the AI is taking up more resources which is causing the graphics to be less than native 1080p. Resources aren't unlimited like many want to think and something had to give. If the GPU is working harder to offload CPU AI functions, what happens to graphic fidelity? In the case of Unity the graphics will rely on the upscaler to output at 1080p.

Both games will output at 1080p, it just won't be native. There is a differance between resolution and texture quality.

DragonKnight1294d ago

@Death: Did you read it? Quote: "We know that the Xbox One's CPU clock was recently raised to 1.75GHz from the 1.6GHz of the original devkits, a respectable 9.37 percent boost. Sony hasn't stated an official figure for the PS4's CPU speed, though rumors point to it being the same 1.6GHz as the pre-boost Xbox One. Depending on the CPU speed, this means that for CPU-heavy games the Xbox One may have a slight edge over the PlayStation 4. This different won't be very noticeable, though, unless the game is coded to be absolutely desperate for every drop of performance it can squeeze out of the CPU."

Emphasis: "This different won't be very noticeable, though, unless the game is coded to be absolutely desperate for every drop of performance it can squeeze out of the CPU."

Argument terminated.

For one, no one knows the PS4 CPU's clockspeed. Sony hasn't released any information on it, so to make the claim that the Xbox One's CPU is objectively better is making a statement based on ignorance. Two, supposing the Xbox One's CPU does have the higher clockspeed, you can't be so naive to believe that a difference of .15 GHZ necessitates the end result of gimping the Xbox One's version to accommodate the PS4's version, thus creating the first and only instance where the PS4 is outperformed by the Xbox One. A situation that has NEVER occurred because the PS4 is the better piece of hardware.

You can attempt to shift focus to the tired argument of "we won't see as big a difference this gen as last gen" but your base argument has no legs to stand on. That you think the PS4 is holding the Xbox One back is objectively laughable and you'll need more than one game where the reasoning is inconclusive to prove you have any solid case to make that claim.

brads41294d ago Show
Mr Pumblechook1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Phil Spencer likes to act like he is a gamer but this is a d*** move that is anti-gamer.

I cancelled my Amazon order and when it asked for a reason I wrote 'the resolution has been deliberately gimped because Microsoft paid Ubisoft to reduce the quality of the version on another manufacturer's system.

If this bothers you cancel all your Ubisoft pre-orders.

Gaming247allday1294d ago

So developers are being pressured by customers to make sure the PS4 version is better? if they can achieve a great game on both consoles i don't know why you guys would want them to downgrade the Xbox One version just because your all crying, doesn't work like that

My message to PS4 fans, just enjoy your console and stop complaining

Shinuz1294d ago

You are now experiencing what PC Gamers have been enduring for years, its sucks doesn't it?

donthate1294d ago


You are quick to jump the bandwagon to claim the PS4 GPU is faster than the Xbox One, but when the same argument just opposite sides, you instead claim "Sony never released the information".

Same CPU at a higher frequency equals higher performance.

When Ubisoft themselves states the game is CPU bound, I believe every drop of CPU performance is needed.

It would be ironic if the game released and the Xbox One performs better than the PS4!

DevilOgreFish1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

"Exactly, this is not cool at all. One version should not suffer because the other can't handle it."

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe they chose to render more graphics at the cost of fewer pixels? when it comes to consoles every developer has to work within the boundaries.

dantesparda1294d ago

They aint getting my money doing stupid sh*t like this.

MRMagoo1231294d ago

I voted with my wallet, ubi have lost $130 of my money and they wont be seeing more unless this is all some giant misunderstanding and it wasnt actually gimped, but from what I can see ubi can go eat a poo.

DragonKnight1294d ago

@donthate: That comment isn't serious is it? You can't honestly believe what you wrote can you?

MRMagoo1231294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

@donthate maybe give that a read before looking like a complete tool.

miyamoto1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Is this game coming to to the PC also?

AndrewLB1294d ago

I think they're just attempting to not add additional fuel to the constant war about which console is better, but I agree that this doesn't help.

People seem to miss the point that this is an incredibly detailed game, and I don't see how Sony's 30-40% advantage in actual GPU power (as opposed to theoretical max) would be able to run the game with the same level of detail at 1080p. The jump from 900p to 1080p is about 600k pixels, or about 40% increase in pixels rendered. Now if that were the only factor, then the PS4 would be able to handle it, but many graphical features don't scale in a linear fashion. Anti aliasing, texture/shadow/lighting filtering effects all scale in a way which requires a corresponding increase in GPU power that is exponential.
Assassins Creed: Black Flag for example could not be played anywhere near maximum settings at 1080p using a graphics card with the power of the PS4. While I agree that part of this was due to pi$$ poor optimization, the fact remains that these games are becoming so detailed that they require a lot more GPU power than 1.84 tflops.
The upcoming game The Witcher 3 is going to require a graphics card about as powerful as a GTX 780ti to run at maximum settings, and it's about 3x as powerful as a PS4's GPU. That's an incredible amount of power but the game clearly shows it.
People need to realize these points before immediately blaming the developer of a game for it not running at 1080p/60 on their console. I've said this since the specs of these consoles were initially announced, that both of them are under-powered for running modern graphics at 1080p. I know you guys are going to get all angry about this, but the facts are the facts.

gangsta_red1294d ago Show
starchild1294d ago

First of all, just because there is parity between both versions in terms of resolution and target framerate doesn't mean that there will be parity in other graphical areas. One might also hold a more stable 30fps than the other.

The other thing is, I seriously doubt that Ubisoft just suddenly decided to arbitrarily hold back the PS4 version. They haven't done it in any of their other games and I doubt they have done it here.

Yeah, yeah, I know that one director threw out that comment about shooting for parity in order to avoid fights, but I honestly think that was more of an excuse. I think the real reason is the one that he elaborated on. That is, that this game is very demanding on the CPU side of things and thus, since both consoles have similar CPUs, they are similarly limited.

Believe me, if I honestly believed that Ubisoft as a company was deciding to artificially hold back certain versions just to force parity I would be right there with you guys and just as upset.

But this wasn't Ubisoft as a company saying this, it was simply a comment by one director and I think he was just making excuses for why the game had to turn out to have the same framerate and resolution on both consoles.

I don't think you guys realize how disconnected most of these guys are from the "console war" that you guys live and breath each day. They simply don't think the way most gamers that argue on forums think.

His comment was stupid from our point of view, but I doubt that was the real reason. I think he simply doesn't realize how bad it sounds. He actually probably thinks it would be something that would be good in the eyes of gamers. I honestly don't think that this represents some kind of Ubisoft policy or even the real reason for the parity in terms of framerate and resolution. I think there were technical reasons and he just thought that what he said would sound reasonable to many people.



Just give up... They are claiming CPU constrains that affect AI and somehow you expect us to understand this as justification for graphical parity... Here's a hint: those things are completelly unrelated, that game could still be [email protected](60?)fps on PS4 regardless of whatever AI it uses, simply because the assets look like they allow it, it have nothing to do with CPU, doesn't matter how much is it being pushed.

@On topic

Either Ubi is just not focusing/spending less on graphics and, knowing a sequel having lower IQ than it's predecessor would raise plenty of eyebrows, they went ahead and blame it on resolution debates. Or they out right bent over for parity clause. I can't see any other explanation here... Pick your poison Ubi, were you lazy or just coward?

starchild1294d ago

This is getting plain ridiculous. People keep saying things like "well, AC4 was 1080p on PS4 so this proves they gimped Unity".

I'm sorry, but that makes no sense. AC4 was originally running at 900p too, but the developers must have realized that there were some optimizations that could get them up to 1080p and they released a patch for the game. It ran at 30fps in both cases.

Now we have Unity which is a pretty big improvement in multiple areas. Larger scale city, much more NPCs on screen at once, physically based rendering, more advanced shaders for things like skin, many more particles and volumetric effects, etc. The game in general is a big leap over the previous game.

So why would people expect it to run at more than 30fps? Also, with all of the improvements why is it surprising that instead of achieving 1080p they were only able to reach 900p? It's not surprising at all.

Some people are probably thinking "ok, all of that makes sense, but why is the Xbone version the same resolution then?" And they'd have a point, except that they are making one huge assumption. That assumption is, how do we know that the PS4 version isn't running with a few higher graphical features than the XB1 version?

Just because they are running at the same resolution doesn't mean there is graphical parity across the board. The PS4 version could easily have other graphical advantages that explain why the PS4 and XB1 versions are able to render at the same resolution.

The PS4 version might also stick to 30fps more steadily than the XB1 version for all we know.

I think the whole 'we aimed for parity to avoid all the fighting' is just an excuse. There were likely technical reasons behind the framerate and resolution targets.

Why o why1294d ago

Astroturfers astroturfing. How, after all the empirical evidence, do some n4g commenters still have the gaul to suggest the opposite. I don't get it. I'm hoping you're doing it for financial gain and not out if straight fanaticism and or ignorance.

The ps4 is the strongest console.....get over it.

ziggurcat1294d ago


"Cool, you PS4 gamers vote with your wallets and let the X1 gamers enjoy this great game.

If all you care about is extra pixels then what they say about Sony fanboys is true, they only care about graphics."

no. it's not about graphics, it's about ubisoft purposefully gimping one version of the game for the sake of avoiding "the debates and stuff."

tekksin1294d ago

I just left a comment on the other post about this thinking the same thing!! You KNOW its for parity!! Ridiculous.

TheFanboySlayer1294d ago

Welp....time for me to step in and lay the facts down.

1. Ubisoft said they are doing this purposely to avoid arguments....they failed obviously.

2. They explain how the CPU on both consoles suck and that the AI should be better but it isn't since THEIR tech relies on the CPU.

What we know....

PS4 CPU speed : 1.6GHz not confirmed by Sony but confirmed by other sources...for me google it.
Xbox One CPU speed : 1.75GHz confirmed....but there was a slight increase due to Kinect removal so it maybe different....I don't know.

For everyone who doesn't know the difference between their memory structures and why the PS4 is better and should have better graphics not like a huge leap but slightly better (i.e. 900p vs 1080p)
Here's a video explaining it so even trolls and fanboys can understand:

The resolution is being held back on the PS4 but the framerate isn't.

SilentNegotiator1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Making one suffer for having the audacity to have an advantage?

Sounds like the Gen Xers are starting to infect VG corporate offices. lol

UltimateMaster1294d ago

Even PC gamers aren't getting the love they deserve. We spend a lot of money just to have it go to waste in Ubisoft's case.
For the PS4. I don't get why it can't get updated to get that extra boost of power from overclock. Unless Sony has control over that and just allows it to get updated for those specific reasons.
I don't know. The PS4 version of Watchdogs looked better on the PS4 despite resolution.
Xbox, why couldn't you just be better?

Big_Game_Hunters1294d ago

Now you know how PC gamers feel about the Witcher 3's downgrade thanks to consoles.

Not just Witcher 3 but game tech in general is being held back.

Feel our pain lol

UltraNova1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Ok I get its ok when PC versions of multiplatform games are superior to other versions its the status quo, the accepted truth, but in reality its just another version of the same game getting more love just because things are the way they are.

Ok then why wont devs take advantage of the specs of each system? Why do we get parity on the already lesser versions of the same game while paying 20 bucks more than the PC version which by all accounts should have been at least the same price since more effort was clearly put in to be as good looking as possible while running on a billion cpu/gpu combinations?

What am I bubbling about here...throwing logic around like its actually used!

[email protected] @ Big game hunters

The PC always gets better textures, higher rez, unlocked fps (9/10 times) more advance AA, better FOV etc etc...we cant really complain can we? Its the lazy coding that's the real issue with PC games not then lack of power, even then you have to factor in the vast majority of mid range PC gamers.

abstractel1293d ago

I'm grateful I am playing this on a powerful PC because if I was playing Unity on my PS4 I'd be pissed too. Yes, they are pushing a lot of AI in Unity and that is really awesome to see it affect gameplay, but that's the whole reason you have Compute on GPUs, so you can offload several resources onto the GPU that would normally go on the CPU. There's zero reason why the Xbox One and PS4 version should be equal when the PS4 is more powerful. Period.

mike_honcho1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )


"We should all applaud Ubi having the balls to make a game aggresive enough to not be constrained by the publics bs opinion that native 1080p is the standard for new games."

this is the stupidest thing I've ever read.. and I've been reading for generations.. yes 1080p should be standard of the systems are capable of producing it.. gaming rigs are running 4k so yeah I'd say it's time for consoles to atleast try and set the bar at 1080p.. by your logic someone that puts a game out in 480 should be applauded cause it takes "balls"?? that's not balls there buddy, that's stupidity.. what it sounds like to me is that you made the mistake of paying more, or the same price, for an inferior xb1 and your trying to justify that mistake by commending ubi on a bonehead decision that only hurts gamers the very "hobby" that you've been enjoying for generations

Thantalas1293d ago

Tweeting a hashtag might make individuals feel they are doing something but it achieves nothing.

However what I am seeing on Gaf and other websites is gamers who have cancelled their preorders and POSTING SCREENSHOTS OF THEIR CANCELLED ORDERS. If Ubisoft president Yves Guillemont receives statistics from retailers showing a mass of cancellations I think he will pay attention!

AliTheSnake11293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

How do we know the PS4 version is not better ?
A lot of ignorance damn. It's not all about the Overall resolution. You still have the texture quality and the Anti-Aliasing and a bunch of other effects.

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Xsilver1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Oh I'm buying the Game but I'm damn sure Not buying it brand New USED FTW
EDIT: get it while it's fresh.

-Foxtrot1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Nice to see people do something about it since this decision could make other developers go down the same road and, as the site says, will not encourage devs to be creative by pushing hardware.

Devs moaned on for ages about wanting better specs...with the PS4 they have them and yet now they don't want to use it.

If this thing becomes bigger and the pressure gets put on Ubisoft I have a funny feeling they are going to come out with bullshit lies to make it look like it's the PS4s fault.

Mega241294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

I got a question, Did Ubisoft really admitted the Parity? Or is this by peoples assumptions after the res/fps was revealed?


Oh man, that's F*&%ed up, any word if Far Cry will also get parity?

-Foxtrot1294d ago


"Ubisoft has confirmed, with the publisher opting to aim for platform parity to avoid discussion over any differences in performance."

beerzombie1294d ago

You Sony-fan boys and this crappie gaming so called media started this crap. If you guys would stop bitchin and crying and making a shit storm out of every little detail of a game and just play then they would just make games to the console.
You Sony and media fan boys caused this on yourselves.

breakpad1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

if it was Xbone the console with the superior version ..UBishit would have let the game as it is..but now is MS who has the worst multi-version and this for these sister companies is not acceptable so lets nerf the Japanese made system ...the same has happened with PS3 but then they had the excuse of difficult development (lame excuses from western lazy untalented devs)Even back then could optimize the Assasin-SHit series to be visually better on PS3 but no ...PS3 was difficult to develop (sarcasm)
PS (the same goes for a lot of games developed that time ..)

miyamoto1294d ago

Yup this is totally unacceptable in this day and age.
Reminds me of FF XIII and Lost Planet 2.

MysticStrummer1294d ago

beerzombie must have just started gaming this generation.

OT - Ubi really did a great job of avoiding this subject. Parity sucks.

mike_honcho1293d ago


can you please quote or source a ps4 player "bitching" and/or "crying" about ps4 running a game at a higher resolution??.. didn't think so.. you sir just failed at trolling 101..

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Rickgrimes951294d ago ShowReplies(1)
HaveAsandwich1294d ago

good, just sent a quick hate tweet myself.

bandit9051294d ago

people are taking this way to seriously, they want you to play and enjoy there game not, play the graphics...if you want realistic open your damn front door and go outside

nX1294d ago

Too bad their game hasn't evolved much for 5 years now. A big franchise like AC should at least get the technical part right since they seem to be stagnating on the gameplay part for a while now.

geddesmond1294d ago

Yeah its AC today but what about tomorrow or the next day. I hate people who say better graphics don't matter yet they go out and buy brand new hardware for better graphics every generation.

Angeljuice1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Double post

Angeljuice1294d ago

I tried that (going outside), there were no dragons to slay, no laser guns, no demons, no French Revolution occurring, no supercars waiting for me to jump in and drive at 200mph across town, no alien invasion and no state of the art fighter jets.

I must admit the resolution was great and the graphics on the whole were mindblowing, however there was very little storyline and some annoying laws that prevented me from having the experience I would have liked.

My review score for reality would be 9/10 for graphics (great but some of the locations are a bit drab), but only 1/10 for gameplay, for the majority of the time there is little to nothing going on at all.

SilentNegotiator1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

They literally damaged a version because another version wasn't up to snuff. There is LITERALLY NO POSITIVE to this move unless you're Microsoft (or someone getting themselves some cash from MS).

Even their flimsy "to avoid debate" argument is a load of crap...look at the massive amount of debate going on here!

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lelo2play1294d ago

Absolutely agree. Noparity.

Let the PS4 stay at 900p and put the X1 version at 1080p. Stop gimping the X1 version.

nX1294d ago

How come you have so many bubbles? All I see from you is strange troll comments that don't even make sense most of the time.

ricochetmg1294d ago

lol....i get it