Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 05

The Koalition's Tony Polanco writes:

"On this episode, some of the questions we answer are:

*Why does Tony think that last-gen games are holding current-gen games back but consoles aren’t holding back PCs?
*What do you guys think qualifies a game to be a system seller?
*When creating a character, what is your preferred gender, ability, species, ect?
*How many of you have actually played Knack?
*Is Nintendo now going the Apple route when it comes to releasing new SKUs for their handhelds?
*What’s the most awesome/stupidest comic book story you’ve ever read?
*What games are all of you are planning on buying for the rest of this year? What about the next one?
*If you haven’t done so yet, when are you getting an Xbox One/PS4/WiiU?"

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MrKennedy1329d ago

This is a good post of a podcast called the throwdown your questions episode 5 which means they done 4 episodes of the same stuff before this one.

SwiffEpics1329d ago

Looking forward to hearing the answer for Torrence's PC gaming related question. Should be an interesting show.

HisRoyalFlyness1329d ago

I need to start throwing down my questions to these guys.
I love how even when they disagree they still respect each one another