First DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound PS4 gaming headset gets release date and more photos

The release date, along with more photos, have been disclosed for the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P Premium Fully Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4 (also compatible with PS3, Vita and mobile).

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imt5581407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Niceee, niceee! Headsets aren't expensive!

th3TrUth1407d ago

These aren't worth the asking price!! I have the X-12's (wired/360) and the X-41's (wireless /360). My favorite atm are my Gold's..near pefect!!!

UltraNova1407d ago

I'll wait for the reviews, if they are not worth it then I'll wait for the Platinums.

Axonometri1407d ago

I'm sorry, and I will get a lot, lot of flack on this, but a headset... con not be, 7.1 surround. I wish the headset companies would stop trying to claim they have the "first" surround sound anything. It just is not possible and will never come close to the sound field of a dedicated surround system. Can their virtual surround field sound good, Yes. True DTS or DD surround field? Not capable. So why advertise it as such.

Dudebro901407d ago

That's not true. Sorry.

1407d ago
Loktai1407d ago

Youre right, but still I Dont think its worth ragging on them as saying its so impossible and wrong of them

Well they can technically position 3 drivers in the headphone at different angles to simulate surround of course its not the same as a full surround system but its only advertised this way as it gives the same basic effects in a headphone. You dont wear headphones to REPLACE Surround sound you wear them when you cant use a 7.1 sound system.... night time, on the go, living with room mates etc.

I have a 7.1 receiver (admittedly only using 5.1 as the theater room isnt that big but I might change it later if I change things up) and of course its amazing compared to any headphones you can buy, I Dont think anyones expecting a THX level experience but I get what you mean.

Dasteru1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Most so called 7.1 headsets are actually either 4.4 or 6.2 and the drivers are junk. How they even come up with the 7.1 tag is a mystery. This "PS4 Compatability" thing is yet another reason to just stick with a proper pair of hifi stereo headphones, a dolby headphone capable t-amp and a mod mic. Much better sound quality, much better mic quality and no need to keep buying a new headset for every system. Just connect the t-amp to the back of the TV then connect the headphones to the t-amp. No proprietary connections or lock-out chips.

Loktai1407d ago


True, very intelligent reply +10. Of course there cant actually be a single woofer or a true center channel but its a simulated effect such as powering both left and right front channels for the center but its really the best you can ask for, and it DOES Something but of course you wont get the same punch as larger stereo drivers. Its a blend of features vs robustness.

I guess kind of the issue is also having the official
branding, being easier for those less technically gifted and its wireless. I have no doubt good pair of headphones even mid rangers like koss or seinheiser would probably sound as good or better if you could get a compatible MIC but I think this is targeting a different audience, obviously not you or I or Axonometri or PS_Family but people would and if it does work with VITA that is huge.... except that vita does not output in surround sound because its handheld but its nice to think you could grab your headset and be ou the door or throw it in your bag for a trip and use the same one.

Volkama1407d ago

Almost all "7.1" sets are 2 channel. Not even 2.1, they literally have 2x 50mm drivers.

The Razer Tiamat 7.1 is truly 7.1 channel, and is imo the best surround set available (I have quite a few).

I also have a full 7.1 receiver set up, and the proper sound stage definitely has a more balanced and natural feel to it than the headset.

I still wouldn't hesitate to recommend that people invest in the best option they can though. Good sound adds so much to gaming.

wannabe gamer1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

you are right and people dont get why. ive only ever seen one headset that was TRUE surround and it had 8 drivers in it and it was GLORIOUS. BUT you still get a diff effect when you have a real speaker setup with it at the right distance and angles.

nearly ALL headsets that claim 5.1 or 7.1 do so by virtual surround emulation and then market it like its true surround. however with newer tech they can do a damn good job of it. so unless you are a true audiophile you wont notice at all

you can get any headset now and use software to pull of this emulation with razer surround, it does a pretty good job too and ive even used it on my 7.1speaker system with games that do not have support for anything over 4.0 surround. the emulation works extremely well and puts all the sounds in the right places. a good example of this is watchdogs and a lot of other AAA games. when played thru a surround setup above 4.0 the channels get mixed up and the vocals play thru the center channel only. with emulation it fixes it and its perfect.

shadows of mordor tho NAILED the surround sound for all setups and no emulation is needed. and so far it looks like alien isolation has nailed it too.

for reference i have a 7.1 setup with a lcd projector and it rocks, i dont think i could ever go back to gaming or movies on a standard pc speaker setup

Volkama1407d ago

What's funny about all these virtual surround sound headsets is that the need could be totally negated if MS and Sony included a "headset mode" on the console.

They both have dedicated audio hardware that is well capable of outputting virtual surround to any headset, there is no good reason for the virtualisation to take place on these over-priced headsets. Except money.

Clunkyd1407d ago

That's why they say "virtual" surround sound.

wannabe gamer1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

not all of them do though. there are plenty of companies that have left that out

edit: iin fact i just lked at the amazon page for this model in the article and it says nothing about virtual surround sound and doesnt indicate if it has multiple drivers either. it just says 50mm hmmm

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arkard1407d ago

Im interested to see how they compare to the Sony Gold.

GreenUp1407d ago

Or you could just get a superior product that has 2.0 which can be brought from companies such as Sennheiser, AKG, Beyerdynamic for A LOT less money.

Surround Sound in headphones is completely pointless. An open back headphone from either of those three companies listed would eat any gaming headset alive from Turtle Beach, Astro, ect.

Sennheiser HD558's are selling for $111 on amazon right now.

Loktai1407d ago

Great headphone, REALLY great sound...but is neither wireless nor does it include a microphone. I have some 518s and a pair of HD 202s I use for this workstation and even the lower end ones are great. Great recommendation, though still not a headset or wireless which is the draw for some.

Drewbie9151407d ago

I just bought the Sennheiser PC 363D and it's the best headset I've ever put on my ears. The PS4 can't really drive them though without an amp so there's that, but the audio is still the best I've heard from the system.

The turtle beach cheap plastic-y cushions just flat-out pale in comparison to the comfort of the PC 363D

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