VGChartz: Global Weekly, 27th September 2014

Hardware :

PS4 - 255,954 (+37%)
XOne - 157,715 (+73%)
3DS - 89,869 (-8%)
PS3 - 52,237 (+13%)
WiiU - 50,840 (+13%)
X360 - 31,720 (+10%)
PSV - 26,509 (+35%)
Wii - 6,096 (0%)

Software :

PS4 2,761,345(+268%)
PS3 2,150,968(+150%)
X360 1,478,561(+125%)
XOne 909,115 (+143%)
3DS 523,280 (-22%)
PSV 310,136 (+249%)
WiiU 302,511 (+32%)
PC 294,159 (+1%)
Wii 208,345 (+24%)
DS 133,575 (+2%)
PSP 68,570 (+35%)

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Geobros1410d ago

Fifa, fifa and fifa in the first positions, like every year...

bouzebbal1410d ago

a crashing victory for PS4 once again... and this is only vgchartz!

HaveSumNuts1410d ago

Software on PS4 alone sells more than the 360 and X1 combined, and then some. Not to also mention PS3 pushing over 2 mil, substantially higher than either of MS consoles.

xHeavYx1410d ago

Damn, those software numbers for the PS3 and PS4

nX1410d ago

I think digital purchases went up very, very high during the last few months and I don't think anyone on the internet is able to track those since the platform holders are not publishing any numbers. So for software sales, I'm not sure who to trust anymore.

NukaCola1410d ago

Xbone "sales up percentage" 73% doubles the PS4 37% and still Playstation sells 2x as many consoles than X1. This is the power of an unstoppable monster. Go Sony!

chrismichaels041410d ago

PS4 is showing very strong momentum going into the holiday season. Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued success.

GribbleGrunger1410d ago

September is going to be a huge sales month for the PS4. It's going to be close to 2:1 in favour of the PS4 which will sell over 1m units. One month down, Phil, three to go.

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ABizzel11410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Time for my rundown.

PS4: ......just look at last weeks run down, the same story (PlayStationNationDomination). EU is completely Sony land (UK, is the only questionable region)

XBO: Sales are back up, because of the Fifa Bundle, but I'm a bit shocked to see it's version of Fifa come in 4th with the bundle. But the Fifa bundled helped them a lot in EU more than doubling their numbers. So once again good week for the XBO.

3DS: Still has good numbers, but demand is starting to fall, until Smash and Pokemon hit, and then the new model drops. Lower numbers for now, but nothing to worry about.

PS3: Once again the little console that could. Less than 800k away from taking the EU crown from the Wii for last gen, and just trucking along (which is probably why there hasn't been a price cut for it).

Wii U: Small boost from last week, and Hyrule Warriors put it back up to where it had settled after the MK8 boost was over. Hopefully it can stay at these numbers until Bayonetta, the the holidays, and then Smash.

360: Chugging along as well.

PSV: Up from last week, but PSTV needs to hit the West soon, and hopefully get these number at least 2x - 3x higher (which it could do thanks to the entry price, being a Vita, and remote play basically giving you 2 PS4's).

Wii: ......just look at last weeks run down, the same story. It was a good run.

MysticStrummer1410d ago

Do the XB1 numbers include the new markets yet?

FITgamer1410d ago

@Mystic I'm pretty sure all except China.

Foehammer1410d ago

73% increase in Hardware sales, looks like those so called tier 2 Countries are having an effect.

MysticStrummer1410d ago

@FIT - Thanks. The "wait until it's out in more countries" discussion is finally at an end. Hooray!

ABizzel11410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


Yes, everything except China which should be included in next weeks numbers.


I forgot to repost my sales numbers for the month, and there's a real monster in the sales.

PS4: And obviously it's the PS4, and if these numbers are anything to go by then the PS4 sold well over 1 MILLION units in the month of September alone. That's insane for a non-holiday month.
1m - 1.2m

XBO: Another success story for the month. Releasing in 29 new countries made their numbers jump for the month. The only downside is that these numbers are so high thanks to launch day inflation aka 1 of the 3 times consoles sell best are at their highest (launch, holidays, and after a price drop). So while these are numbers to be proud of, we still need to see what happens now that sales will be at a much more realistic weekly average (most likely 70k - 80k per week, up from 40k - 50k). We can expect a XBO price cut $329 - $349 coming sooner or later (November - April)
600k - 750k
(depends entirely on if the China 100k was sold, or simply shipped. Regardless I was right about this, so take that 80+ disagree earlier in the month)

3DS: Selling consistently well. Smash and Pokemon will cause sales to skyrocket through the rest of the year and up until the new hardware launches.
400k - 450k

PS3: 200 - 250k

Wii U: They need Smash sooner than later, and a price drop down to $250 early next year to capitalize on the great line-up they have early 2015.
180k - 220k

360: 120k - 150k (Xbox 360 Super Duper Uber Slim)

PSV: They need PSTV to hit the west soon and in a big way. They need to really advertise PSTV is like having a Vita and a second PS4 for $100. A PS4 + PSTV bundle would be huge for them as well $479 for the holidays (save $10 on each hardware)

Wii: >30k (it was a good run)

ABizzel11410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


That's mainly because Destiny launched and gave them a boost, and Fifa 15 launched and gave them a boost, unless you also think Sony sales almost 250k - 500k a week.

The numbers for September are also a bit spiked thanks to "Launch Inflation", and the tons of promotions MS was offering around the globe. A console sales at highly inflated numbers during 3 times:

1. Holiday season, since people are looking for presents
2. Price Drop
3. Console launch

The numbers will be significantly more telling when we hit a month where sales aren't seeing inflation. October would possibly be it, but it's too close to the holiday and there are too many good games coming out as well, so we'll have to get a real count in late January, but more likely February.

The XBO sales will be much higher, but I seriously doubt they'll stay in the +100k range after the holidays, but they should be in the 80k range consistently now and around 360k per month (ironic). So yes like I said Tier 2 countries will help, but it's not going to fix the sales gap. This generation belongs to PS4.

So overall XBO should be:

Weekly: 80k range
Monthly: 360k range
Annually: 8.5m - 10m range, due to AAA game releases, a possibly price drop inflation, release in more countries, and holiday inflation.

The problem is the PS4 is already in that 10m - 13m range in it's first year, which is usually one of the worst selling years for consoles (due to peak price), so it's more than likely not going to get any better in comparison to the PS4.

But XBO sales will be up, and a good deal higher like I said at least 8.5m. possibly 10m if they really try and be as competitive as they can and have been lately. Which is a good deal up from the expected 6m - 7m they're currently aiming for this year.

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Magicite1410d ago

PS4 haven't lost a single global week this year, lets hope it continues till the end of year and beyond.

Muzikguy1410d ago

Look at the PS3 go! Also the PS4 just dominates! Can't wait for The Evil Within and Driveclub

Gamer19821410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Hmm if you add the china 100k numbers on Xbox would outsell just.. But that's not even this week.. Chinese sales will die down and even with China who has nearly half the worlds population they will be lower than Sony..

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rarity1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Whoa a PS vita game in the top ten that's awesome! also the ps4 numbers are really amazing and since it's vgchartz it most likely sold more than that. I mean seriously sony is killing it this Gen hopefully Sony's success triggers another ps2 Gen. (*^ω^)

WeAreLegion1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Will we see Chinese sales next week?

Edit: Every article I get two disagrees as soon as I post, no matter what. Lol. Are these guys following me?

Kayant1410d ago

Maybe if they start tracking cough *guesstimating* china then maybe if not they would probably add it anyway. China numbers are shipped btw.

WeAreLegion1410d ago

Thanks for the update. Helpful bubble.

christocolus1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


Get your facts right dude and stop spreading wrong information, the xbox chinese numbers aint shipped figures,they represent sold to customers.

The info is all over the web I'm sure you didnt even try doing any research. Read the articles, google stuff up.even besttv has released their statement regarding the launch numbers.100k consoles were sold on launch day.

Kayant1410d ago


And show me it states "sold to customers" please.

Kokatu's headline says "Report" meaning it's a rumor. In the comments the author also says it's "seems" sold.

Meaning they are unsure so it's not fact that the numbers are sold to customers.

MysticStrummer1410d ago

@chrisocolus - "The info is all over the web I'm sure you didnt even try doing any research. Read the articles, google stuff up…"

I Googled. There are articles saying shipped, there are articles saying sold, and there are articles saying no one knows which. Why did you only give links to articles saying sold? MS is saying nothing about it which implies the number represents shipped XB1s, but we'll find out eventually I'm sure. I just don't know why MS wouldn't be saying something if those are sold numbers. If they're sold, they're good. If they're shipped, they're not so good.

rainslacker1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I believe it was BesTV, the MS partner in China that sells Xbox, that reported to a paper in China that they sold 100K in the first week(possibly tired to go look up the details).

I imagine this is an achievable number, and it is in line with prior estimates of how many BesTV thought they'd sell on the first day/week.

Anyhow, BesTV would have no reason to report "shipped" numbers, as they would care more about the sold numbers, and likely would have extremely accurate numbers for it given they're the only retailer for the system.

Anyhow, in this case, I would concede that MS probably did sell at least 100K consoles in china. It has a huge population, and isn't a poor country despite what some people think. Being the first official console release, it's entirely likely they sold that, if not more by now.

There is nothing wrong with MS doing well. Happy that the console market is expanding into new territories myself.

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Paprika1410d ago

Well, you guys are legion! The legion of 2 initial disagrees.... lol, gangsta!

98xpresent1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

the PS3 is selling better than the wii U LMAO. So embarrassing, congratz to Sony tho.

Jaqen_Hghar1410d ago

It's a shame. A man loves his PS4 but WiiU has been good as well. Mario Kart is a blast and a man only wishes the 3DS and WiiU dates had been reversed. Not getting WiiU Smash until the 21 will suck.

ABizzel11410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


Probably Friday, at least that's usually when they're posted.