Should Adult Gamers Feel Ashamed of Themselves?

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: As a dedicated gamer in my late twenties, being looked down upon or seen as a grown child is a recurring theme I’ve had to put up with. Whether from girls, or guys who swear they’re more macho because they don’t have time for games, there always comes that time where I’m put in that ‘immature’ box. Some people are decent enough to never criticize my passion, but I know deep down they could never fathom the idea of being so invested in video games.

But what is it exactly that makes people look down on those who choose to continue gaming into late adulthood? Is there truth behind the idea that we should abandon gaming once we take on adult responsibilities?

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Romudeth1409d ago

The obvious answer is NO. If people are allowed to binge watch TV shows or play Fantasy football then how is gaming something to be ashamed of? It's a ridiculous and archaic mindset that needs to go away.

This is one of the best editorials I've read in a while and one that needs to be read by everyone. People have to open their minds to what gaming is all about. It's not just for kids and adults who indulge in gaming should be proud of doing so.

SwiffEpics1409d ago

Well said man, and I'm happy to know we see eye to eye on this as you're someone I look up to.

The_KELRaTH1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Gaming was adult fun to start which filtered down to teenagers / children as the price lowered.

Games machines in pubs, clubs and bars
Very expensive games systems like the Atari 800 were not aimed at children

kreate1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Females rule America.
And most moms believe a man should stop reading comic books and stop gaming.

It's for kids. Hence, the man-child status.

iiorestesii1409d ago

Females can be worse than men, i.e Real Housewives, Honey Bobo. Life's a compromise. Choose your battles wisely ;)

Dirtnapstor1409d ago

Not true, and I won't argue any points with you because you'll think your right despite it all...

kreate1409d ago

Idk guys. That's what mothers told me. That's what my own mom told me.

Salooh1408d ago

If you like these two things a lot then why don't you balance them with the other things in life. Don't do them unless it's their time and place. Don't do them too much. Prove your self on other things in life then no one will judge you if you played video games or read comic books .

For example , if you have a girl friend. don't do them until you did enough for her to the point she won't complain if you did anything. Then you can even play video games with her.

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3-4-51409d ago

* Should Adult Women feel ashamed of themselves for watching shows like the View ?

ScottyHoss1409d ago

I saw a show called the social once flipping through the channels, and overheard gaming. Very similar show to the view, and it honestly made me want to punt the baby of any mother who watches that trash -_- the ignorance is rampant, as the one woman stated gamers were "by nature obese and lazy people". I think anyone who watches that show for more than 3 minutes would be ashamed on themselves.

Eddie201011409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I agree with most all of the above. PC gaming was also consider an adult thing for a very long time.

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MrKennedy1409d ago

This is a good post of an article about being ashamed about playing games when you're not a child.

Big_Game_Hunters1409d ago

Should adult movie watchers and readers feel ashamed of themselves?

Romudeth1409d ago

Of course not. Video game enthusiasts aren't any different. We love games as much as people love movies and books.

Godmars2901409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Know I'm tired of being told that I should be when all I want, as a consumer who buys a product called games, is value for my money. Rather than social-political BS.

ShaunCameron1409d ago

What do you expect from social conservatives and communists? Telling people how to live their lives is their standard M.O. as they think they know what's best for everyone else.

Godmars2901409d ago

And still on the other side of the argument, the one no one seems to notice or talk about, you have an open market which only tries to appeal to the general market instead of niche ones. At least in regards to consoles.

WeAreLegion1409d ago

No. We have to help those around us understand that video games are not just for children. It's a social stigma that needs to go away. It could take many many years, but it will, eventually.

I played some Evil Dead: Hail to the King and Destiny this week. I also played baseball for a fundraiser, watched some South Park, worked out every night after work, read a couple of books, created a new marketing campaign at work, wrote two essays and finished other homework for my classes (finally went back to college after a few years off), and had great discussions with other people.

StrawberryDiesel4201409d ago

I go to pick up a game sometimes after work in my shirt and tie and the employees/other customers think I'm a Gamestop exec or something. How can he be here for a game when he has a job that requires a shirt, slacks, dress shoes and tie? It really melts some people's minds when they see the exact opposite of that social stigma(every gamer's a kid who has no responsibilities and doesn't work/take care of their family, etc). It's a major reason why I don't hang out with as many people as I used to, as I have aged I have realized more and more how phony and hateful a majority of people are in this world. Too many judgmental pricks who think they're better people for not gaming.

The_Devil_Hunter1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

You should write a book about this because you hit nail in the head. I agree 100%. I have a 3 year old son and Im 22 years old. I too dont hang out with many people that I use to because of that same exact reason. For some stupid reason friends in high school associated me with video games even though I participated in various other activities such as playing varsity soccer, practiced Martial Arts on my senior year, ran track/cross country and was actively working with students on our schools yearbook. Despite ALL this I was still considered as the one who played videogames all day! Just because I am aware of video game news and my interest in them does not mean that is all I do. I consider video games as my second hobby, Its a social stigma that needs to disappear.
I have two relatives who are ex-Marines (once a marine always a marine, I know, I know) and are hardcore gamers as much as I am yet they are still considered gamers instead of Military Vets.

Anyway, bubble for you!

WeAreLegion1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Well said, Strawberry! I totally agree.

Off topic: Can anything be done about these two trolls who keep following me around just to disagree with every comment I make? It's getting creepy.

The_Devil_Hunter1409d ago

Nah, just ignore them I guess, If there was some sort of way to see what user disagreed with every comment we made there would be far less people randomly disagreeing.