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In the 35 years since Ridley Scott's Alien first terrified audiences around the world, the creature created in the twisted mind of artist HR Giger has slowly been diminished. Video games in particular have regularly depicted these creatures as little more than cannon fodder, fish in a barrel servicing the power fantasy so many games offer.

Alien Isolation is anything but a power fantasy.

Creative Assembly's (CA) love letter to that original film is more than just a homage, it's a worthy successor to a horror classic that gives a cinematic icon new life.

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Dontworrybhappy1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

When does this release... awwwww screw it I'll Google it.

maniac761233d ago

Seen it streaming on twitch.dont know wot the fuss about is.its like elmer fudd huntin wabbit lol.

ThanatosDMC1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Yeah, they're marketing this PoS like no tomorrow. Watch the PS4 streams. Really good graphics, terrible gameplay, retarded alien, etc.

starchild1233d ago

Most of the reviews are positive. It looks great to me.

ABBAJESUS1233d ago

This game is really scary and interesting! 6 hours under my belt with this game on hard difficulty and all i can say, is Boom! i love the game.

gangsta_red1233d ago

The more I see of this the more I am liking it. Will definitely check this game out.

TarZ1232d ago

The first proper encounter with the alien in the big room after it slaughters the humans was so tense, could just hear it stomping around!

I then went on to the next section after going to comms and I came across a group of bugged AI humans who would look at me and run away and stand there....

Little did I know that noise attracted the Alien and next thing this dark object jumped at me out of the shadows and next thing a big alien head was circling around me.....

This game is not good for my heart