The Forgotten Exclusives: Why isn't Guilty Gear Xrd getting more holiday attention?

The holidays are big business for video games. All the heavy hitters are out across all platforms and what separates consoles from each other in the rush are often times the few exclusives they can slide into the cracks of consumer mind share. That’s why in a year when Sony’s exclusive line-up is as light as winter’s first snow, it’s confounding that they aren't pushing everything in their software arsenal.

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ion6661291d ago

I have no idea. Cross platform play. Anime 3d graphics and gameplay that rivals the best fighting game

bouzebbal1291d ago

can't wait, but i have to!
Do you guys have a precise release date for Europe?

JasonRoseEh1291d ago

No firm NA or European release date yet, but they did promise to have it out in NA for 2014. We'll see.

Tito081291d ago

Well, at least it got my attention for being my must have game this year, could really careless about the dumb COD+AC combo, too milked.

Inception1291d ago

Well Arc System Works doesn't had $500 million paper to burn like Activision did with Destiny. That's why we didn't see GG Xrd getting lot of spotlight from gaming sites.

But for people who loved fighting games or Guilty Gear fans (like me) than surely the game already getting a lot of attention. Mostly me and other people only wait for the release date on this december.

Frodosmugins1291d ago

cos its just a fighting game!!!!

Last time I bought, or for that matter known anyone buy a fighting game was maybe early 00's!

only appeals to fighting game lovers, no need to market it!

JasonRoseEh1291d ago

Was Killer Instinct only for fighting game "lovers"? I spoke to more new players who only got into that game due to how pretty it looked, despite not being avid fighting game fans. Marketing matters.

Revengeance1291d ago

Street Fighter IV would like a word with you.