Shadow of Mordor Gameplay: 50 Person Beatdown

8BitChimp says, "Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor throws a lot of people at you at one time. They decided I should take on 50 people. What happens? Let’s find out!"

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KiwiViper851381d ago

Pretty amature looking. No executions, no flurry head pops.

Used intel to reveal a character instead of finding a weakness. Didn't even pick up the rune, even if your full you can sell it for 25 M's

Noahmtodd1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I for some reason didn't notice the Rune so I accidentally missed it. My bad. I went back and got it later on.

joydestroy1381d ago

i'm the guy that commented on your vid. don't worry, bro, the more you play the better you will get and the more devastating your character will become. captains and crowds will become something you charge into. remember, concentrate on maxing out Elf-shot and try to unlock the abilities by killing captains. once you cut your hit streak down to 5 plus being able to be hit once and retain it, in combination with drain during combat... just crazy unstoppable.

i can't wait until i can do double attacks, like an execution, then a drain hahaha shadow strike, chain shadow strike, chain chain chain, wraith flash, drain, rinse and repeat.

KiwiViper851381d ago

Hey man, didn't mean no disrespect. I just expected a fully upgraded Talion going to town.

joydestroy1381d ago

hey man, don't hate. some of us are father along than others. he'll get there. i binge played for like 9hrs the other day. the more you play, the better you become. having a lot of Elf-shots in combination with great runes and shadow strike make this game so very easy.

lelo2play1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

First I found Shadow of Mordor good... after 1-2 hours I become annoyed... after another 1-2 hours this game became irritating... after another 1-2 hours I switched the game off. Respawn of enemies, after respawn of enemies, after respawn of enemies...
I'm leaving this game for a few days (or indefinitely) because I'm irritated about it.

They should change the name of the game to Respawn.

Maybe I'm getting too old for this type of games :-(

DaleCooper1381d ago

I got irritated like you after a couple of hours. I would get swarmed, then die, then repeat. The combat isn't as smooth as the Arkham games and I was trying to play like it was an Arkham game, and I think that was my big issue.

Then I just decided to roam the world and upgrade my character, not caring if I died or not. I got some amazing runes and upgraded my weapons that's when the game opened up for me and has been a ton of fun. Sure, the enemies will respawn, but the Nemesis system is pretty amazing and getting revenge on an orc that had killed me a couple of times is so satisfying. Especially when you see their head come flying off!

KiwiViper851381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

The point of the game is that its hard at the start causing you to die lots, and making enemies that you encounter later on. As you get tougher you exact revenge on the ones that killed you. Halfway through the story and a few collectibles and challenges and your invincible.

Also, Captains will come back of you kill them normally, but if you use execution and decapitate them, or wraith flurry and pop their head, they don't come back.

George Sears1381d ago

I killed a Legendary Captain with a Craug an hour ago. Shadow mounted that huge beast and I just chomped its head off, favorite random moment of the game so far.

TarZ1380d ago

Did that sword challenge last night, damn getting that 100 hitsreak with a non upgraded talion was hard.