[CVG] Assassins Creed Unity looks set to be one of the goriest games ever


"There's a moment that occurs in Assassin's Creed: Unity that's arguably the most gruesome scene I've borne witness to in any game in this franchise. Or any game I've played, to be honest.

As Arno Dorian - Unity's new cowled protagonist - makes the acquaintance of the Marquis De Sade, who dishes out a prolonged treatise on the sad state of affairs of inequality in pre-Revolutionary Paris, the player watches as two thugs fit a metal tourniquet to the leg of a beggar. They then hold him down as a third thug proceeds to cut his leg off below the knee with a hacksaw."

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scark921409d ago

Cannot wait to play see all that gore in 1080.. oh.. too soon?

uth111408d ago

love me that pixelated blood! It's so retro! Now with AC Unity, I can finally delete my copy of the original Doom!

FsterThnFTL1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

On PC you can.


AC: Unity is an Nvidia sponsored game on PC and Nvidia's engineers will make sure it is at least working well on Nvidia cards so I would say it will be very playable on PC, just look at a recent game like Shadow of Mordor on PC as a similar example, unless they delay it between now and then I would say there is no reason to worry that AC: Unity will be playable at launch or not.

WeAreLegion1408d ago

That's being far too optimistic. If the PC version is even playable at launch, I'll be surprised.

uth111408d ago

yeah don't speak yet until you've seen the horrors that Ubi has in store for the PC version

starchild1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

The two Sony fanboys above me are being silly. I played AC4 on my PC just fine. I personally chose to cap it at 30fps, but it ran very stably and looked noticeably better than the PS4 version.

I have played dozens of Ubisoft games on my PC over the years and the overwhelming majority of them ran perfectly fine.

Even AC4, despite being demanding and probably poorly optimized, still runs at a solid 30fps (or higher if you choose not to cap the framerate) with fantastic graphics on any decent PC. This idea that Ubisoft games are broken, unplayable messes on PC is a blatant lie. Their agenda is clear as water.

Matt6661408d ago

people should stop complaining about the resolution because resolution dont make a game things like gameplay, storyline and replayability make a game

salmon_slapped1409d ago

Even with everything mentioned i doubt it will be as gory as games like Dying Light or Dead Island. Goriest AC game more than a probability.

scark921409d ago

Dead Island's gore looks amazing! I think Killing Floor 2 will become the goriest game out when it does!

1409d ago
poppinslops1408d ago

My friends...

It has often been said that I like war... I like war... NO!


purebennyc1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

To be honest really don't know if it's going to be that gory, it's only rated R13 here in New Zealand so if it were that bad then it would have been given a higher rating like R16 or R18

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