[Gamespot] The Newfound Storytelling Potential of Assassin's Creed Unity

Gamespot :

"Have you heard of Arno the Bold? He was one of the greatest figures of the French Revolution before his name was lost to the passage of time. An eccentric man, Arno was known to wear a garish purple hood best described as "wizardly." He also wielded a rather large and imposing pickaxe, or la Pioche de la Justice as he referred to it. But when Arno wasn't going for dips in the Seine, he was devoted to bringing liberty to all his fellow Parisians. No Templar was safe from Arno the Bold. Nor was anyone who looked at him funny. And I suppose anyone who got caught in one of those smoke bombs he was always throwing around. Arno was a bit sloppy about that."

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