Metro: Assassin’s Creed Unity hands-on preview and interview

Metro got the chance to play AC: Unity and found disappointment in the game, calling the new parkour system clumsy. Included is also an interview with Ubisoft.

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nX1297d ago

Well it was delayed a bit... so Ubisoft is certainly struggling somehow. And after playing Shadow Of Mordor I was retrospectively disappointed by every Assasin's Creed game, it's insane how much better this new IP looks&plays compared to a franchise that's around for almost 10 years. Not only parkour, but also combat, animations and even stealth feel so much better in that game than in the latest AC4. My excitement for AC:Unity has gone from "Must-buy" (when the first trailer was shown) to "not interested" during the last few weeks and it seems like it was justified.

starchild1297d ago

Shadow of Mordor is a great game, but it's not necessarily better than any Assassin's Creed game. I like them both, and the both do some things better than the other. The combat is better in Shadow of Mordor and the nemesis system is brilliant, but I think the world feels a little bit artificial compared to the worlds of the Assassin's Creed games. I also think the traversal mechanics are smoother and better animated in the AC games.

Anyway, I was going to write more but I could go back and forth forever listing things that each game does better, but suffice it to say that I don't think either game is drastically better than the other. They are both very solid games/franchises and the scores by and large reflect that.

I know that a lot of people are going to start pretending that the AC games suck now, but I have no interest in jumping on that bandwagon.

user56695101296d ago

Honestly I never really seen what was so great about ac it got boring after the 2nd or was it the 3rd. Same with borderlands I find it boring and repetitive if Im not playing with someone. Even if I do its still repetitive with cheap trash ai. I think its only get praised because the lack of local coop and coop games period. As for ac, its seem like it more of finding out what gonna happen next

1297d ago
purebennyc1297d ago

Very surprised by this. One of the biggest things Ubisoft have been talking up is the fluidity and freedom of control so to have it labelled clumsy is a massive surprise for me. Maybe that's why there have been so few playable previews available at Expo's.

starchild1297d ago

It certainly looks smooth in the videos. Maybe this previewer just wasn't used to the fact that it is different. In any case, we'll all find out soon enough.

purebennyc1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

I thought the same thing too starchild. Could be one of those things that takes a little while to get used to but once you do it opens the world right up.

skulz71296d ago

Every other preview has said that the parkour is the highlight of the game so I have no idea what this previewer is thinking.

Loktai1297d ago

Ubisoft figures if they talk up their clumsy controls enough people wont see the emperor has no clothes so to speak, and blame themselves for not being in tune with the new amazing deep system that godlike obviously not shovelware assassins creed devs are BESTOWING on us unworthy fans.

guyman1296d ago

It seems to me in the interview, he was trying to nitpick and criticize more than actually asking for useful information