Shadow of Mordor Graphical Settings Comparison Shows Drastic Increase in Quality

Shadow of Mordor already looks nice, but these graphical settings comparisons really bring out the Shadows of Mordor.

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darthv721413d ago

i dont think you can make graphical setting changes to the console versions. So those tags shouldnt really be referenced here.

Ravenor1413d ago

Shouldn't even be posted man, there is a difference between the visual settings in a PC game!? Oh my goodness say it ain't so!

user3672721413d ago

It's a PC...where the impossible happens. Can't wait to play both Shadow of Mordor and Assassin's Creed Unity at maxed setting without a loss of performance on my rig.

Play2Win1413d ago ShowReplies(3)
Entonations1412d ago

Knowing Ubisoft, It'll probably still run like ass on pc

TarZ1413d ago

Ahhh the best version, 1080p and actually 60fps.

Feralkitsune1413d ago

Pfft, if you're gonna be an elitest at least go higher than 1080p. That's so last gen.

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