Why Zelda Should Embrace Traditional Fantasy Visuals

Gamnesia: "The Legend of Zelda for Wii U faces both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge: to reclaim the crown as the best, most popular fantasy game on the planet. The opportunity: to capture an audience that is hungry for adventure. To succeed, the new Zelda needs to be modern, needs to be relevant, and most of all needs to represent the pinnacle of quality. Unfortunately, I'm not so sure the Zelda we've seen so far hits the mark."

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stragomccloud1384d ago

Agree to disagree. Personally, I think that would be boring.

levian1384d ago

Agreed. And I'm not the type of person who goes crazy saying every game needs to be bright, cheerful and colourful. But Zelda with the graphics of, say Skyrim just wouldn't be right.

I also wasn't a fan of the cartoony look of Wind Waker, yet I'm hearing the WiiU Zelda will be cell shaded as well, and from what we've seen it looks fantastic. Goes to show you it's how it's drawn that makes the difference.

3-4-51383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Dark Green, Bland Brown, Pee Yellow, Grey Tint, Black......yes there is enough of that.

* I like games that have a visually appealing art style.

If that is realistic or not doesn't matter to me.

If it is and looks good, then so be it, but most don't really look that good.

* Most Dev's "Realistic look", is way too similar to eachother, and thus boring and bland.

I want a game world I that stands out.

thezeldadoth1384d ago

i'm excited to play an open world with the visual style they have now, but i'd also like a new game with the art style of twilight princess.

rextraordinaire1384d ago

It wouldn't quite be Zelda anymore then...

Darkwatchman1384d ago

I much preferred the art style of the Zelda WiiU tech demo as opposed to the actual game. It looked much more beautiful within the trappings of the Zelda universe. It was sort of a mix between realism and more cartoony visuals--stylized realism if you will. Oh WELL

swishersweets200311384d ago

it blows my mind they never went with what they had going on in the tech demo.

Paprika1384d ago

A Zelda game that tried to be like the elder scrolls or the witcher would be so much fail! Zelda has a great unique style, one others should copy and fail with, not the other way around!

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