Stop Tarring Video Game Violence With The Same Brush

Why does video game violence continue to receive a reoccurring negative stigma within news articles and headlines? Rather than focusing on suggested negative effects of video game violence, The Noobist takes an alternative look. This article predominantly focuses on the potential for violent gameplay to develop knowledge and understanding of gamers and also takes a look at what video game developers Cliff Bleszinski, Ken Levine and David Cage have to say about the use of violence within their games.

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DualWielding1233d ago

violence is old news, the new moral panic is sexuality in video games

GhostTurtle1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Sad thing is it really depends on what game, with the sexuality comment (and violence). If its hot its going to catch flak. Rated M is still rated M at the end of the day. S*** has always been mind boggling to me .Its rated M for a reason.

I understand how it all got started. People thinking vidoegaming was a kid hobby in the 90s, it was more accessible to kids than say a rated R movie (which is bull s***. I watched Scarface for my first time when I was 10). Its 2000 and f***ing 14 now. Its not the same as it was 20 years ago (my opinion has always been the same, the media needs to get with the times). No reason to shame games for violence and sex. I got kids now and really some games I dont give a s*** if they watch me play them. I know they aint going to do anything stupid. Same thing with movies/music/the crap these same news outlets spew. The whole topic is just full of crap.

hkgamer1233d ago

i understand the point about people thinking games are for kids. but not really understanding anything else.

was it a good thing you watched scarface as a child? was it easier to get hold of than it is now for kids? whats changed in these 20 years. and how does the media need to get with the times?

genuine questions since you didnt realy explain in detail.

i watched a lot of violent movies as a child and i dont think it has affected me too much, but i lived in a bubble. everyone else my age was watching disney cartoons or power rangers. was only when i was 12+ that more and more people i knew watched those movies aswell. actually at that age it was more about porn and what we could get hold of.

hkgamer1233d ago

is sexuality in games really a new panic?

i still hear people talking about violence in games whenever a big release gets out.

i mean we do get gaming sites talk about sexuality a lot, but these are just click baits like every other gaming sites. there is no panic and most people dont care.

arbitor3651233d ago

the thing is, the people writing these articles dont care about the merits or contexts of individual games. they just want to lump them together to fit their narrative and their agenda.

just look at Anita Sarkeesian. she outright says that she thinks the "cultural context" (whatever the hell that means) is more important than the context of individual games and their stories.

hkgamer1233d ago

a well written article, but probably directed to the wrong audience. we pretty much know difference.

however, if we were to generalise gaming as a whole then they are in a sense too violent.

mk for an example, do we really need to pull hearts out or show blood pouring out everywhere? sf does fighting perfectly without gore.

gta is also a fantastic game, and in a sense isnt really too violent compared to others, but its just the fact that we can run around and kill bystanders for no apparent reason.

theres also a ton of other games. shooting the hell out of everything in 1st/3rd person games. ok i grown used to that, but do we really need to be able to bash their skulls in or chainsaw their bodies?

we just dont need that much violence in our games and the industry we be looked at in a better way if it just calmed down a little.

Pianist1233d ago

Why would we need the industry to be looked at better by people who don't care enough to have some knowledge on the subject before forming an opinion?

hkgamer1233d ago

for the industry to grow bigger.

however, you are right in a sense that why should we care about other opinions.

i do however feel that unneccesary violence needs to be cut out of gaming, just puts me off.

Pianist1233d ago

Violence is so last-gen. After becoming murderous psychopaths, we are now misogynists who are out to wipe out everything that's not a straight, white adult male.

All my values in life come from twisted interpretations of video games.