What New Racing Game Is For You?

There are three new, major racing games coming out soon; Driveclub, Project CARS, and The Crew. Each game has its own advantages and differences, and since many people would rather just buy one racing game and get their racing fix decision over with, here are some of the major differences between each of these titles and what they're all about.

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IRetrouk1298d ago

ALL OF THEM!!!!! Give me more and then some more on top of that, with a side of even more followed by a desert dripping with more.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081298d ago

After playing the crew beta, i'm very pleased with it. So this will be joining driveclub and project CARS. Great racing games IMO.

Rob Hornecker1298d ago

I have to say ALL of them also! After spending a bunch of time with Forza H2 and loving every second of it,I can't wait to play the crew and project cars!

Now we need to have a Test Drive unlimited for the next gen. Its still one of my favorite driving sims! Too bad the 2nd one didn't live up the the 1st TDU!

I just read the the crew will be delayed till 12/2 and that there will be a open beta before its full release.

Whirlwind_fanfare: Hows the crew beta compare with forza H2 since there both open world racers? I think project cars will be more like Forza 5 with just a bunch of tracks and not a open world.