Interview: Assassin's Creed Unity Senior Producer, Vincent Pontbriand

Jonny Lewis: The grand halls and corridors of the Musée de l’Armée in central Paris are a fitting location for our conversation with Vincent Pontbriand, senior producer on Assassins Creed Unity. He looks at ease in these grand surroundings. “This is the first time in Paris for a lot of our team. They have been working on this game for nearly 4 years, so for them it has been quite overwhelming to see Paris for real”. Vincent now has four Assassins Creed games under his belt, giving him great perspective on the games industry as a whole. In this candid interview with GodisaGeek, he explains the reasons behind Unity’s French Revolution setting, why next-gen only and what his team have done to bring more variety to the much anticipated Assassins Creed Unity.

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