Jimquisition Shadiness of Mordor

The Eye of Sauron is watching, forever watching, and he wants to make sure your YouTube videos are "on message."

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InTheLab1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

I find it hard to watch these now after he totally side stepped gamergate. He rips EA, MS, and Ubi every other week and will occasionally recycle a topic all for the benefit of us gamers but when GG went down he said "maybe we're being too hard on journalists" and never brought up any of the issues.

Roccetarius1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

That's evidently because Jim has been on the offensive before, so it's not that surprising he's sidestepping GG. He's actually supporting the anti-GG crowd.

coolbeans1163d ago

Isn't this the kind of issue gamergate would be glad to see is being raked over by people like Sterling?

(Sorry for late reply)