Driveclub Infographic Details PS+ Edition and DLC

A new infographic for Driveclub covers the differences between the full retail game and the free PS+ edition, post-launch features, and all of the paid and free planned DLC.

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Applejack1292d ago

I'll definitely be getting the full digital game sometime in November but I wish I could have pre-loaded the ps+ edition early to avoid the rush. This game has more than enough content for my liking and the $50 price tag makes it better.

uth111292d ago

Getting the digital version with preload an $10 off is tempting, but downloading 15Gb on my connection will take too long. I'll be picking up the retail version sometime tomorrow.

Sayburr1291d ago

For some reason I thought the weather was only missing on the PS+ version... so, the highly touted and reported upon dynamic weather is coming later?

fei-hung1291d ago

Most importantly it is coming free.

Sayburr1291d ago

That is a good thing... have they said how long after launch? I know developers have to cut off development at some point in order to get discs made, but they can continue working on the game for updates, so I was just wondering if a time line has been established.

fei-hung1291d ago

I think it is rumoured to be around December.


Viperoholic1291d ago

I heard december its coming.

teedogg801291d ago

That's what I heard too. But damn thats a long time to wait.

UltraNova1291d ago

If they delayed it again and released the completed thing we would rip them a new one. Now that features are missing we complain anyway...I know right?

Muzikguy1291d ago

That's a long time to wait :(

Hopefully early December (like November 31st) lol

AaronMK1291d ago

No mention of the pay-to-win micro-transactions. Did they take those out?

Muzikguy1291d ago

I haven't heard of any?

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