Alien: Isolation £34.95 At The Game Collection

"Alien: Isolation is out on PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow in the UK, so we've found you the best price so you don't have to break the bank to get your game on."

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ThunderPulse1297d ago

IGN gave it a 5.9/10 so the game is only worth $2.

psvitamanfan1297d ago

Is that supposed to be sarcasm or are you for real?

Allsystemgamer1297d ago

Uh IGN put negative marks where every other reviewer put positive ones

If you go by ONE site you have issues. The game is sitting at 80 on official metacritic. That means it's great.

memots1291d ago

i remember when i would see a 6 in EGM or any other magazine it meant that the game was worth it even if there was issue. now apparently a 8 is shit .. not sure when this happened but for me a game that gets a 6 right now of course ill pay more attention to it, but if its a game style i am into i still get it.

RankFTW1297d ago

Got it for £22.50 on PC. Played 2 hours of it so far and I've only had to change my underwear 7 times.