Crave Online: Alien Isolation Review

"So, where does Isolation fumble? Well, the trial and error nature of the Alien encounters can become frustrating, because the only way to save your progress is to manually use an old school punch card. The game doesn’t even bother to auto-save after cutscenes and major events. Even arriving at an end level type situation means nothing if you die since that means going all the way back to your current save.

If this was a five to seven hour campaign I would be tempted to say it’s a great game despite some technical hiccups. Sadly, the campaign overstays its welcome. By the time I clocked out my interest in staying at Sevastopol had waned. Despite this, it delivered quality scares that I won’t soon forget. Alien: Isolation is certainly the scariest Alien game ever made, and its authenticity alone is enough to make it recommendable for those who love the franchise."

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Trekster_Gamer1410d ago

I truly wish I loved survival horror and the idea of playing hide and seek for hours on end. I loved ALIEN!
I regrettably will have to pass.