PS Vita Top 25 titles

Shortage? what shortage? Chris Freeman responds to a rumoured shortage of quality titles on the PS Vita and lists 25 of the best titles and guess what? - "Tearaway" isn't one of them.

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iwarn410961291d ago

Pier Solar is on Vita now and this makes me happy!

3-4-51291d ago

Disgaea 4 should be in the top5. It's not even on the list.

* I've played like 15 of those games on the list and only about 4-5 I actually liked, or appealed to me.

I thought I would like more...o well, at least Tales of Hearts is still releasing soon.

GamingSinceThe80s1291d ago

I just got it for PS4 but it's cross buy so I'm downloading it now for PS3 also.And when it comes to Vita they say it will be free if you already bought it.Man I love cross buy triple play!I wish Nintendo would do this with their games,but have the feeling they never will.

baneofpigs1291d ago

The PSVita really has built up an impressive reputation as a platform for indie games. So many of the games available for it - spelunky, luftrausers, rogue legacy - started out as PC games. I think that the Vita, though, with its portability and comfortable controls, makes the ultimate platform for it.

LightDiego1291d ago

A lot of great games, except for Fez. Why include that instead of Tearaway?

GamingSinceThe80s1291d ago

Now that you mention it,where the heck is TearAway?It should have been in the top 5 if not #1!

rextraordinaire1291d ago

Certainly, the Danganronpa Duology could have been included on this list?

Why is it not there?

It's way batter than some titles on the list? 0_o

Inception1291d ago

Agreed. There's a lot of better games than Fez, NFS, and AC III on Vita. They need to remove Fez, NFS Most Wanted, AC III and replace it with Tearaway, Ys Celceta, Danganronpa 1 & 2, Dokuro, Zero Escape, Tales of Hearts R, Freedom Wars, Toukiden, or Oreshika.

SleepingHero1291d ago

No DanganRonpa? (Walks away crying)

Inception1291d ago

Don't worry mate. I will send monokuma to this author and make him change the list or else...

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