Star Citizen Releases Monthly Progress Report

Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries, the developers of the upcoming crowd funded game Star Citizen, have released their monthly progress report. In this month’s report they cover a wide range of subjects. The letter talks in detail about recent updates and changes as well as a peek into the development process of Star Citizen Online.

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ATi_Elite1297d ago

Monthly updates are great and expecially I formative to those lime myself who have plunked down cash in the kickstand.

I haven't played Arena Commander much as I have been holding off of playing anything SC to make time for other games because once SC releases gold omg it's gonna take up most of my gaming time as SC and it's plans going forward is HUGE.

space exploration
Ship combat
World exploration
Strabase building
First person shooter
Land vehicles
Gamer driven economy
And so much more

SC is gonna be a Game changer in the Pc Gamer realm as its gonna give gamers everything and then some.