Why are certain games not coming to all platforms?

Ian Koehler wants to explain how this all came about.

"The other day I was on Facebook checking out my news feed. As I was looking through I saw one of the pages I liked was pissed off by the fact that the Watch Dogs DLC was not coming to Wii U. I said one comment and that comment started an uproar. I won’t say the whole comment because it was quite long but the main point was this 'It’s not Ubisofts fault It’s us the consumers fault'. Let me explain."

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Zjet1410d ago

Sadly it's all about money. Game developers at the end of the day are a business.

I asolutely agree Wii U should get the same titles i am really sad to see that it won't be getting Call of Duty Advanced Warfare this year, Yet PS3 and Xbox 360 are.

Black Ops 2 and Ghosts were awesome on Wii U, the fact i could play split screen using the TV for player 1 and the Gamepad for Player 2 was awesome.

A shame the DLC for these games never made it either, Treyarch however did recently release Nuketown 2025 for Black Ops 2 on Wii U which i am very happy with and Ghosts did get the Freefall map patched in

If they had DLC i would have bought ALL of it

Summons751410d ago

Partly laziness because devs are too afraid actually think of ideas and unique ways to use the gamepad pad or get to know the WiiU. On the other had it's also publisher greed, Publishers don't see gamers as people with opinions and wants they only see numbers which is why some games get gutted and only published as the skeleton (Destiny/Activision), some games have zero change in anything and have no effort or love put into the development (Call of Duty/ Activision), and some are rushed to make the holiday rush (Battlefield 4/EA). There should be a ton of 3rd party games coming to WiiU but EA even though promising support got a big stick up this butt for whatever reason, Ubisoft for some reason gave up even though the WIiU is on an uphill climb and some of their games were generally better on the WiiU vs 360/ps3. Activision are just greedy pricks.

Zjet1410d ago

Agreed to above,

Ubi games were good, ZombiU was great was very much looking forward to a sequel, Dual Gamepad Co-op would have been awesome, Assassins Creed 3 was great and it had all the DLC available too.

I'm suprised there hasn't been a dungeon crawl game utilising the gamepad... i mean imagine doing 4 players o the TV playing as heroes in a tactics turn based RPG like Hero Quest or Descent Journeys in the Dark Boardgames while the Overlord is on the gamepad keeping all his goals and operations secret.....

Someone make this...

iwarn410961410d ago

I get what everyone is saying and I completely agree but this is the reason they had to back down. These are there sales by console.

Zjet1410d ago

Yeah the funny thing is that the ratio of games to console for respective titles is actually more than the PS3 or Xbox 360 etc etc versions.

Assassins Creed 3 especially the ratio was higher on Wii U than any other console.

But yes at the end of the day business is business sadly.

Nintendo just needs to release Pokemon Red and Blue on Wii U eshop......that will move consoles god damn fast