Interview with Star Trek: Tactical Assault creative director (Part one)

Putting aside the philosophy, the ongoing bout between the two will be rejoined this Christmas, as each licence spawns a brand new experience for DS and PSP. The Star Wars action is subtitled Lethal Alliance and features third person action, while Trekkies will be engaging the Klingon battle fleet, amongst others, in Tactical Assault.

And the latter's creative director Rantz Hoseley seems mighty pumped to have worked on it.

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MicroGamer4381d ago

I have been a collector of Star Wars games since Sega released Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator way back in the Atari/Commodore home computer era, and they all pretty much suck.It is really rough for Trek fans to read about a new game, get hyped for it, and it reeks worse than a dead skunk in the middle of the road. Star Wars fans are rarely disappointed with the latest Lucasfilm games. Maybe Star Trek is just cursed as a video game franchise.