New DriveClub gameplay has been published

Recently, an interesting DriveClub gameplay, which demonstrates a 3-minutes long race on a really cool car Savage Rivale GTR-S in Scotland, has been presented.

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Eonjay1411d ago

The sense of speed is real.

system221411d ago

What you don't really see in the web videos is that the screen starts to vibrate and shake subtly the faster you go. Its a nice touch

PX541410d ago

What I don't like is that you lose points for a collision when someone decides to crash into you. But I suppose you can only do so much with an extra years work.
That being said, I'm glad PS+ users don't have to pay full price, but get an upgrade option. Has allowed me to get the full game for next to nothing thanks to birthday gift cards.

jhoward5851411d ago

Yeah, the sense of speed is real. A must buy.

TheXgamerLive1410d ago

This is a decent racer, not a forza imo but still good. Sorry, not bashing this is the only footage I've seen so far.
How many tracks will there be at release, have they said yet?

I like racers, they have a great hit it n quit it fun factor.

lukemul691410d ago

Full Game - 55 Tracks, 50 Cars.
Free Version - 11 Tracks, 10 Cars.

TheXgamerLive1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Nice incentive to buy the game:)
Thanks Luke.

Panthers1410d ago

The speed of them load times is also real. Damn this game loads fast. Love it.

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Septic1411d ago

Rear facing camera is a touch!

The game is really fast paced which I love. Which means more losses for me because, for some reason, when it comes to racing games, I have the attention span of a goldfish on crack.

Kreshi1410d ago

What happened to the graphics O_o?
This looks significantly worse than what they advertised with. =(

DarXyde1411d ago

Has Evolution simply NOT sent out any review copies of the game yet? I like the praise it's been getting, but it's a little strange, is all.

system221411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

It's under review embargo. They should start popping up tomorrow. They are sending them out, because I have one. :)

GribbleGrunger1411d ago

I heard they were supposed to be popping up today.

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Volkama1411d ago

I logged on to N4G yesterday, and 4 of the top 5 stories were footage from Driveclub. 3 of them had the same article image as well.

Beats flamebait I suppose.

Ka7be1411d ago

TitanFall and Destiny had way more articles before the release. I guess you didn't have problem with that....
This a PS4 game so we need to bash it on every everything!

Volkama1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Eh? I haven't once bashed Driveclub. I haven't played it, but it is evidently a pretty game and I like Evolution Studios previous efforts so this should be solid.

I am in the article because I bought a PS4 today, and I am wondering whether Driveclub will be worth buying (or just downloading the plus version).

It was a simple observation that there are lots of "here is some more footage!" articles, and they generate a surprising amount of N4G heat.

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Volkama1411d ago

@The_infected that makes sense at this point. My interest in the full game was mostly sparked by the fact that it was the best package available on Amazon (£349.99 for the black or white console with driveclub).

I have since gone for an Amazon Warehouse deal, a PS4 with Infamous, but with damaged packaging. £270. I wanted Infamous anyway, and I don't have much room to store the packaging so it's a pretty damn good deal :)

Volkama1411d ago

And also:

"I just bought: 'Knack (PS4)' by Sony
Mankind must turn to an unlikely hero named Knack to protect them from a dangerous new threat. The unassuming Knack stands at a mere three feet tall, but thanks to the power of mysterious ancient "

Because screw reviews and popular opinion.

andibandit1411d ago


If anything it was a bash at N4G..

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s8anicslayer1410d ago log out of N4G?

Volkama1410d ago

Not often. I miss the community too much.

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