Preview: Woah Dave! @ EGX 2014 : 3DSBlessed

Cyburn writes : "Among the 3DS indie games selection at this year’s Eurogamer Expo was Woah Dave! by Choice Provision (formerly Gaijin Games).

Woah Dave! (the exclamation mark is very important) is a retro-style arcade platformer and a multi-platform release as well as being on the 3DS. The developers have the well-known for the BIT.TRIP series in their history, so the graphical style is very similar.

Woah Dave! instructs players to rack up a high score in a closed arena which gets increasingly crowded – and deadly. The main character, Dave, races to destroy eggs that spawn in the stage before they hatch and evolve into monsters. Defeated monsters explode into coins that increase your score".

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