Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - New Screenshots In All Their 4K Glory

Activision has released a new set of screenshots for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and below you can view them in their 4K glory

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dRanzer1295d ago

so based on those screenshots there is someone here that can tell us which of the two images are 1080p and and which are 4K?
because i really do not see a difference

Rick_Ross_Boss1295d ago

Thats because you don't have a 4k screen. lol

dRanzer1295d ago

that funny...becouse i have
well i will look closer :)

Fishy Fingers1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Then it should be obvious as a 1080 pic would take up a quarter of your screen where as 4k would be native and full screen.

Something's fishy, beside my fingers.

Future_20151295d ago

ill be getting it on pc and playing it in 4K for the single player, really excited to play nba 2k15 on pc tomorrow in 4K to see how good it will look

jriquelme_paraguay1295d ago

Nice. can not wait to play this.
Playing Destiny, Metro and waiting The Evil Within now.

Edvin19841295d ago

Looks sharp. I probably will get it on X1 due to friends community list on this game. The single player would be fun on my high end PC at 1440p, but not really a must. Excited for it thats for sure.

quenomamen1295d ago

COD in 4k cuz everybody knows the series has always set a high water mark in the graphics department. Hells next, Angry Birds in 4K ? FarmVille ?, Pacman ? Guess when you can't sell it on being an actual good game you have to resort to " Now in 4K ! " lols, what a joke this game is.

scark921295d ago

Pacman would be really fun in 4k lol

Newmanator1295d ago

I can't wait for this, but did anyone else notice the grass on the pavement?