Preview: Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal @ EGX 2014 : 3DSBlessed

Cyburn writes : "Sonic’s latest adventure was playable on both the 3DS and Wii U at EGX14, and thankfully we got the chance to play them both (earning ourselves rather swanky Sonic hats in the process). However, given the nature of the site I will be focusing on the 3DS version in this preview.

Unlike the previous 3DS/DS Sonic games, which were developed by Dimps, Shattered Crystal is being developed by Sanzaru Games who are known more for the HD Collections of Sly Cooper and God of War which were released on various Sony consoles.

The only level I got a chance to play on the EGX14 demo was Seaside Jungle (didn't actually realise there were other playable levels until afterwards). However this was more than enough to both show how this game uses the abilities of the characters and the impressive detail of the surroundings".

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