Every 'Alien' game, in 3 minutes

Polygon: Alien: Isolation will launch in just a few days. Because some of us are huge Alien nerds (to the point where we argue about which film in the series is best), we took a look back at the history of the series in games. From the good, bad, ugly and just plain weird, here's a look at all the xenomorphs we've shot, hidden from or ran away from since 1982.

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Orbilator1357d ago

sadly they missed out the finest alien game ever made, Alien vs Predator on the atari jaguar, it had it all, Aliens , predators and marines and you could play as them all.
shame they missed that one

DoctorJones1357d ago

You could do the same and more with AVP1+2 on pc. But it was an excellent game, yes.

Septic1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I didnt see the mention of AVP?

Ah its only about 'Alien'.

TheRacingX1357d ago

I think they were going for an Aliens only motiff....I agree with you but AvP is a different license...out of the all the "next gen" aliens games.... I really like the AvP on Ps3/360....if they fixed the crappy online matchmaking system and a bit of character balance there would have been more fun to be had there....disappointing really..

Inception1356d ago

I love Aliens on arcade, Alien 3 on genesis/snes, and Alien Trilogy. I need to play Alien Infestation though. It looks solid.