The Worst Of Destiny Is All In Its Endgame - Post Review Update

EGMR writes: "I had more than enough criticisms for Destiny in my lengthy review of the most hyped game ever, as well as in my subsequent more fun approach to the whole thing. I usually don’t go back to games once I complete my review, as I let go pretty easily and am always busy doing something or another, but one of the things I said I would do is revisit Destiny at the end of the month, and in the months that follow, to assess the game as it gets updated and ‘improved’, because that’s the way Destiny is going to be, and I felt somewhat obligated after all my criticisms. To that end I returned to Destiny over the weekend after all the September updates, and decided to give it another go and see whether it was something I could get back into, or try and determine whether the changes have put the game in the right direction. Unfortunately, my return was far more brief than I intended, and a whole lot more frustrating."

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thekhurg1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

The best of Destiny is all in its endgame...

"Natural progression" - something this goober wants, works in Destiny much like any other MMO.

You deal with RNG loot that sometimes works in your favor and sometimes doesn't. You supplement that loot that you are NOT getting via RNG, with vanguard/crucible points. You can literally buy via in-game currency an entire set of legendary armor in just 2 weeks.

Drekken1409d ago

Yeah I don't understand these lame critics on this game. I have two characters... One is 29 and the other is 25. It is not hard to progress. The level 25 started on FRIDAY, 3 days ago. It is like someone is forcing them to play this game... If they don't like it, put it on the shelf and move on. I still have dozens of people playing this game daily. It can't be THAT bad.

ChronoJoe1409d ago

The level 25 clearly took gear from your level 29 drops though. I mean, if I wanted to I could have a level 25 hunter as I've dropped a full set of legendary gear he could equip as soon as he hits level 20, but that didn't mean it was any less of a grind for the first character, and only chance means I can level up another character faster.

Drekken1409d ago

The only gear I had from my level 29 was the helm from Xur. Everything else was from queens missions and luck I guess. It didn't take that long to have my main raid ready. I work a full time job and I was able to catch my friends even missing the first week after release.

UnwanteDreamz1409d ago

So his biggest issue is having to work to progress. This guy thinks he should level up after an hour or so of playtime. This is what gaming has turned into. He cant be bothered to earn his way. I will never read another review from this guy. If you dont like Destiny, thats alright with me. I can think of a few good reasons to not like it. I agree with some of the complaints but this guy just goes on and on about progression. It seems that he expected to log in play a few strikes and get legendary gear. Hebadmits his character is still in rare.

Tody_ZA1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

You missed the point. Having to work towards progress isn't the issue. It's having to work towards progress that isn't guaranteed. That is not up to what you put in. It's up to a randomiser.

You also misinterpreted that playing two hours and getting legendary gear isn't what is being sought after. But playing close to 40 hours and wasting a large chunk of it on missions done more than 5 times over, with the very real possibility of walking away with nothing in a large amount of those hours, is a problem.

Let's give an example. In an RPG-esque game, whether Borderlands or Dragon Age or whatever, it can take quite some time to level up in later levels. But playing two hours means, even if you're taking baby steps, you're guaranteed of making some kind of progress just by playing and by doing missions and whatever. Your little XP bar going up is at least a constant indication of progress. It's not uncertain or random. It's what you do, what you put in.

If you can't see the problem in playing two hours and making not even a baby step of progress, being exactly where you started your playing session at, then I can't make you see my perspective. I'll concede you have yours. I'm not going to force you to believe anything.

But at the very least see where I'm coming from without liquidating my point to something it isn't. I am still in rare gear because I reviewed Destiny with 30+ hours of playtime including multiplayer. I then did not go back to the game until the beginning of October. That is why I am still in rare.

I am not a criminal of not wanting to invest many hours of my time on an uncertainty, when said uncertainty is, in my opinion, flawed in its design.

UnwanteDreamz1408d ago

This is old but I have to reply. If you use marks correctly there is no need for luck.

Tody_ZA1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

The difference is in another MMO you can actually level up without relying on luck. It's what you put in.

"In just two weeks."

How many times will you replay the same, limited number of missions over in those two weeks, unless you stick to PvP only?

How many other games can you successfully complete in two weeks?

There's nothing wrong with enjoying Destiny and being okay with how it's set up, but clearly not everyone is okay with it or believes it's a good system, and that's why we discuss it.

thekhurg1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I assume you have zero MMO experience?

Every MMO is riddled with daily quests that are literally the exact same thing over and over again - much like the bounties and patrol missions in Destiny.

You also don't rely on luck to level up in Destiny. Level 20 is your level, your light level goes up to 30 and that's gear based. It's no different than any other MMO that has gear requirements for specific content, and that gear is only obtained through RNG means. You can't just hit level 90 in World of Warcraft and step in to raiding with quest greens/blues. You need to further improve your ilvl to make sure you have the survivability, stats, DPS, etc. to deal with the encounter.

You also can't successfully complete Destiny in two weeks. What you CAN do in two weeks is buy your legendary armor to start boosting your light level if you haven't obtained anything good from engrams.

Part of me wonders if you have even played this game.

StrawberryDiesel4201409d ago

This game really gets picked on, its ridiculous. I'm enjoying it and so are my friends.

BludoDaSmelly1409d ago

So glad i didn't drop 60 on this.

jts18911409d ago

I feel bad for you. You missed a great game. But hey, if you want to listen to the same reviewers who give games like COD 8's and 9's to tell you what games you should spend your money on, by all means.

DefenderOfDoom21409d ago

So my guess is the author does not enjoy FPS gunplay and prefers EASY HACK n SLASH gameplay with a good story . I will just keep playing DESTINY !

doomtrain1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

are they really still banging on about this ?

i guess some people find it hard to move on to the next hate filled tent ..............

finishing the raid for the 1st time as a clan is easily one of the best gaming moments i have had .

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