Master Chief may not be the main character of Halo 5

Master Chief may not be the main character of Halo 5, according to comments made by the voice actor behind new character Agent Locke.

Instead, players will spend part of their playtime hunting down Master Chief as Locke, who will have become a Spartan following his debut in this autumn's TV series Halo: Nightfall.

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Feriku1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

The *only* main character, that is. The article compares it to how Halo 2 was split between the Master Chief and the Arbiter, and I don't think anyone would argue he wasn't the main character of that.

Although the voice actor's comments do make it sound more like Locke could be the main playable character.

MSBAUSTX1382d ago

Whaaaaaaaat!? Pretty interesting idea. I loved the dual story and gameplay in Halo 2. It is nice to them changing things here and there to keep this series feeling new. Cant wait for Master Chief Collection and Nightfall.

ScorpiusX1382d ago

This better be BS , cause this crap will sit on a shelf or I buy it used and gamestop profit instead of 343. HALO is Master Chief , not some filling nobody.