Alien: Isolation - PS4 vs Xbox One Head2Head

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One version of Alien: Isolation.

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Hellsvacancy1384d ago

Wow, the difference is staggering, because there is no difference

jrshankill1384d ago

Yup. Looks identical.

I seriously can not wait for people to post that they can see a difference.. because it will happen.

Hellsvacancy1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Probably...... hold on....... wait a minute, I do notice a tiny pixel that's out of place "fiiiiiiiiiiiiight"

Neonridr1384d ago

well the Xbox One version had an extra clipboard on the table when Ripley went to hide under it....

platform favoritism anyone??

RosweeSon1384d ago Show
Septic1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Are you guys blind? There is such an obvious difference. Stop making excuses because you cant tell the difference. Anyway, let me show you the truth. This is superior to any Digital Foundry comparison:

wsoutlaw871384d ago

@septic lol finally someone who has eyes. How could people not see the effects of gr8 aw8 buffering

HaveAsandwich1384d ago

actually, there are shadow differences @ 1:20.

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OB1Biker1384d ago

I dont trust videos on the internet and I think best to rely on first hand analysis from DF but somehow often it seems to me the Xbone saturated colors make it look unrealistic.
But its just the feeling I have given that the only way to really compare is with the real consoles on a large screen

Bdub20001384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Oh man, the ps4 version may have a few more pixels than my x1. My game experience is ruined. This game sucks on my X1 now...

I have an x1... I guess i can never have fun playing games this generation because ps4 guys said so. (I hope you caught my sarcasM)

I played Shadow of Mordor on my X1 and threw it out the window when I saw the ps4 comparison. *runs away pouting*

Ps4 guy said in nerdy voice "victory is mine!"

Oh man, this was funny in my head, I hope it was worth the bubble I'm gonna lose! LOL

TheXgamerLive1383d ago

Mr Burns voice "Excellent Excellent". Bubble up by me. So funny and true.

Excalibur1384d ago

The only difference I saw was in lighting, in the PS4 version the lights on wall were moving,like it was swinging back and forth, other than that they were virtually identical.

Ryan7411384d ago

Slightly deeper colour on the X1 but other than that identical.

Kane221384d ago

that's why we'll never see anything different when it comes to multiplat games. they dont want to piss micro off. at least naughty dog will show them how its done like they always do.

Septic1384d ago


"that's why we'll never see anything different when it comes to multiplat games"

Eh? We aren't even one year in and we've seen big differences between multiplats already.

Sayburr1384d ago

"Devs aiming for parity? "

Before today's news about Ubisoft, I would have disagreed. But, now I have to wonder everytime the Xbox and PS4 have the same pixels and framerate.

MasterCornholio1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

That would be noticeable in graphically demanding titles like Shadows of Mordor where there is a difference in the visuals. But for games like this the results will be the same.

Anyways it looks good on both systems which is what matters.

P.S The difference is more like 40% not 50%.


Maybe some developers but most of them won't aim for parity. They didn't last gen so they won't this gen especially with the most powerful system selling the most.

I wouldn't worry about parity unless the developers have a really close relationship with Microsoft.

darthv721384d ago

Is there a difference in shadows of mordor? i really couldnt tell.

nicksetzer11384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Yea, shadow of morodor 1080p 30fps locked on xb1 and 1080p 60fps unlocked (usually 30-40fps) is a HUGE difference....

lsujester1384d ago

FYI, it's 900p upscaled to 1080p on X1. That article is based off of an incorrect Gamespot statement. Not a big enough difference to get your panties in a knot, though. That is, unless the person is a fanboy, then they'll care more about that than the actual game.

RevXM1384d ago

I know SoM is open world... but it doesn't look all that great. I mean it is a cross gen game and it shows. Not to say it is hideous, but it isn't as if it was the next crysis or something. It doesn't strike me as particularly good looking, that's what I'm trying to say.

Funny thing is Monolith is the dev of SoM, and they made AVP2 like 13 years ago.
I wish they would revamp AVP2 with a HD re release that supports new hardware better and has visual enhancements. AVP 2 vanilla version doesn't support 16:9 or 16:10 resolutions and the mods and workarounds are horrible, mouse movement on win7 32 bit using a razer imperator is F*ckd up as vertical movement will happen in a wildly exaggerated jagged manner as if the game thinks vertical axis mouse movement translates to horisontal movements also.
Not to mention some visual aliasing or bugs due to slight incompatibility with modern GPU's and API's. (weird colours/lighting in certain places)

Its pretty bad for me at least, and Rebellions AVP did get the HD release treatment so why not? I would love it.

Anyways, I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of Alien to arrive in my mailbox. haven't been this excited for a game in a long ass time.

wsoutlaw871384d ago

Im pretty sure shadow of mordor is 900p on xbo, gamespot just got it wrong

gangsta_red1384d ago

No one could tell the difference between Shadows, which is why the usual suspects stayed out of all the articles because they had no confirmation from the Devs themselves.

Shadows is identical and if it wasn't no one knows unless told. Again, just more high level trolling from a sony camper pretending there's this huge difference in visuals.

And the excuses are even better now this gen. If a game runs equally on both systems then the dev doesn't want to "piss off MS". Last year it was lazy devs, this year is don't make MS mad.

Why? If MS is so far behind in sales and Sony is crushing and dominating the console market then who cares if you piss off MS? Why piss off Sony when they are the king of the castle?

Why is it that these campers think it's ok to piss off Sony and Nintendo but please not MS and aim for parity?

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Fishy Fingers1384d ago

Looks pretty damn close to me. Don't think this title is really putting either machine through its paces.

Plan to pick up once the price drops a little.

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