Video Game Releases for the Week of 10/06/2014

Over 15 games are launching this week across all of the major platforms. Find out what titles are releasing for the week of October 6, 2014 in North America right here.

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Malphite1414d ago

Gonna pick up 2 games this week. The first one is DriveClub. I'll actually try the PS+ version first and probably upgrade from there.

The second one will be Final Fantasy XIII. It's only 14 bucks so it's worth a try imo. I might actually pick up Ryse as well, however I'll probably wait for the price to drop on that game before getting it.

DesertFoxJr1414d ago

Alien: Isolation will be my demise.

Orbilator1414d ago

me gonna do that to and drive club. there goes my early nights as you gotta play aliens in the dark surely loool

Bercilak1414d ago

Over 15? So, like, 16?


LightDiego1414d ago

Too many games, i want Driveclub and Alien. I still want to try Ryse, also games like Dust: An Elysian Tail and Spelunky.
I think i will accept my coupon for Amazon of N4G now.

GreenUp1414d ago

Another month of nothing. November can't come fast enough.