CoD: Avanced Warfare, BloodBorne, Until Dawn, Far Cry 4 & Eve: Valkyrie | BC Preview

BleedingCool: EGX is the biggest gaming event in the UK on a yearly basis. The Expo is just about the only place you will get to play all the major upcoming games before release in England. It is not as populated as GamesCom or as significant as E3, but it’s carving itself into a worthwhile event on the international calender.

Last weekend, I attended EGX and got my hands on a bunch of games and here I am to report back.

I’m going to keep these as short as possible. In almost all cases I spent less than 5 minutes with each game. I’m going to try and keep it so each preview takes you no longer than that.

Now, here is just a selection of 5 games I got hands on with at EGX.

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