Destiny Review: The Fault in Our Stars - VR World

VR World's Gaming Editor Derek Strickland writes:

"Destiny‘s principle trouble is that it’s suffering from an identity crisis. It tries to be too many things without wanting to take the time or effort to fill in certain blanks. In its current form, Destiny feels like a sort of shell or maybe a puzzle that has its borders completed, but is blank in the middle.

"Although there is plenty missing in the game, Destiny will keep you busy for quite some time. The game has a way of pulling you in regardless of the absence of plot or character development. It’s cleverly designed to hook players and keep them going until they max out their character, in which time there will be a new morsel to chew on while we wait for the main course.

"And that’s the real problem with the game; even a month after release, gamers are still waiting for the main course."

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