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"The Wii U version is a definite upgrade graphically from the 3DS etc with high resolution 1080p graphics, some lovely dynamic lighting and best of all a clutter free UI with the map etc now displayed on the Wii U gamepad too."

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MRMagoo1231412d ago

Such a fun game, WiiU owners should pick this up for some casual fun.

3-4-51412d ago

K...I need to get this game.

I played a similar game on XBox Live on my 360 a few years back called " Miner Dig Deep", that was really relaxing and fun to play.

This looks similar but with a few more features.

DryBoneKoopa851412d ago

I just played through this game a few weeks ago. Really is a good game. Wii U owners should pick this up.

Tiqila1412d ago

Should not every user pick this up if it is that good?

MRMagoo1231411d ago

This is about WiiU, I already have it on PC and PS4, I am just letting ppl that have WiiU only know that I think its a great game and they should give it a go. If this was about other consoles and PC I would have told everyone that can get it to get it.

Tiqila1411d ago

Thank you for clarifying.

Since the Wii U version differs from the PC version, and you recommended the game specifically to Wii U users, I thought you might think that it is the definitive version of the game.

I am a Wii U user, I have a PC, I have a Playstation. Should I get it for my Wii U or will I be fine with the cheaper steam version?

MRMagoo1231411d ago

Well if you have it already I would prob not bother unless you think the novelty of the new controls would be fun, but thats just me, I have it on 2 platforms because sometimes I cant be arsed using the PC and sometimes my son is on the ps4.

Scatpants1411d ago

I played all the way thorough this on 3DS. Great game.