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Foxnews Review: MGS 4 Needs More Action, Less Story

Is "Metal Gear Solid 4" a game or an experience? The answer is unclear in the latest installment of this epic franchise. Both masterful and bloated, "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" is less about interactivity and more about storytelling. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)
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TheDeadMetalhead  +   2492d ago
Oh, damn
Does that say 3/4. I smell contreversy already. Heh heh heh :)
But seriously, I've played MGS4 and it deserves WAY more than a 7.5/10 (3/4). 9.5/10! :)
HadeShade  +   2492d ago
Fox News Gamers Weekly gave the game a proper review. I suggest watching their video review. Its good. They call it "our favorite video game of all time."

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Condoleezza Rice  +   2492d ago
The question is:
Who gives a damn about a FoxNews VIDEOGAME review?

Aren't these the same people who thought a side Boob in Mass Effect would be the end of the world?
will11  +   2492d ago
wow... who the hell uses a scale of 4... fox are for noobs.
tatotiburon  +   2492d ago

"Who gives a damn about a FoxNews VIDEOGAME review? "

Well the same people that post 5 mgs4 reviews in a day, even freaking blog reviews
wolfehound22  +   2492d ago
Every big game that comes out gets all of these reviews. GTA4 Halo 3 had tones of reviews and stories for about 2-3 weeks after it eventually dies off
Nevers  +   2492d ago
WOW... another fine example of a steaming pile o' horse pucky. I don't think you can even say that it's anything remotely close to "journalism" that spews outta that societal anal-wart called FOX.

...sorry... just hatin' on Fox News 8D
Ben1054  +   2492d ago
who the hell
rates games out of 4. 3/4 = 7.3/10
CrashSharc  +   2492d ago
I wish FoxNews would Just FoxDie....

lol, see what I did there?

... I think I'm gonna go get a cookie :)
MikeGdaGod  +   2492d ago
these are the same idiots that have Bill O'Riely as they're star talk host. i can't imagine anyone takes what they say seriously.
Nevers  +   2492d ago
disagree with hatin' on Fox News.
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2492d ago
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Bzone24  +   2492d ago
It's funny how nobody cares about what Foxnews has to about mgs4 yet there are 90 comments on their review.
thesummerofgeorge  +   2492d ago
How can they say it's their favorite game of all time and give it a 3/4... What are they reserving 4/4 for?
godofthunder10  +   2492d ago
what is it with ps3 fanboys and mgs4.every time a review comes out and it doesn't get a perfect score they tell the reviewer to stfu and call them bias and other names.

they all need to growup and get a damn life and stop acting like mgs4 is the greatest game in the world.they act as if it's a fact and it deserve a perfect score.

the same people here were the same ones that called reviewers bias,said they didn't know what they were talking about and told them to stfu when they gave halo 3 a perfect score,but the same reviewer gave mgs4 a perfect score so now they know what they are talking about.where i'm from we call them hypercrits and they have them on both sides.

ps3 fanboys(not fans,they are fair)also said that halo 3 deserve no more then a 5 or 6 out of 10 and any review above that is bias but claims that every reviewer in the world should give mgs4 a perfect score and the ones that don't are bias and need to stfu.

the truth is that if halo 3 was a ps3 exclusive,the same people that claim that it doesn't deserve more then a 5 or 6 out of 10 would claim that it deserves a perfect score and the reviewer that didn't give it a perfect score is bias and need to stfu.the same thing with mgs4,if it was a 360 exclusive,the same people that claiming it deserve a perfect score would be saying that it doesn't deserve more then a 5 or 6 out of 10 and this is a fact and they all know it.

the truth is that not every one like mgs4,just like every one doesn't like halo 3.every game has some flaws in it and not one game is perfect,not even mgs4 like ps3 fanboys are trying to claim.

the same ps3 fanboys that claim that they like all the cut scenes in mgs4 and they don't mind watching them was the same people that was saying that blue dragon has to many cut scenes and they wouldn't buy it because of it and it wasn't even close to an hr 1/2 like mgs4.

i read a post written by a ps3 fanboy when oblivian first came out and it was supose to be a 360 exclusive.he said that he doesn't have a 360 he has a ps3 but he played it on his cousin 360 and the game suxed and it was over rated and he wouldn't buy it if he had a 360.well when it was released on the ps3,the same ps3 fanboy said that it was a great game and every one should buy it.

fanboys from both sides act the same way.ps3 fanboys think that all the games on the 360 sux and all the ones on the ps3 are better.360 fanboys think that all the games on the ps3 sux and all the games on the 360 are better.

all ps3 fanboys would love for certain 360 exclusives to be on the ps3 and vice versa but none of them will admit it because they act childish.

i have a 360 and i would love for killzone 2 to be on the 360 if it is like they claim and if it is it should win game of the year.

what i'm trying to say is that just because you think a certain game deseve a perfect score that doesn't mean it does,that's your opinion.

the truth is that fanboys from both sides will say a game sux if it's on the other system.360 fanboys claim that halo 3 deserve a perfect score but if it was a ps3 exclusive they would say it sux.ps3 fanboys claim mgs4 deserve a perfect score but if it was a 360 exclusive they would say it sux and this is a fact,all you have to do is read fanboys posts and the way they talk about the other system and the games on it and it's just childish and i would be ashamed if i was them.
Nevers  +   2489d ago
they're waiting for HOW TO SELL PROPAGANDA TO SHEEP simulator for that 4 outta 4 :)
Hagaf22  +   2492d ago
well i guess everyone gets there say, but i dont think they are familiar with the whole mgs4 background, the whole thing with this game was to seal the games story, to tie it altogether and answer those questions everyone wants to know, while i agree that the cutscenes are long, its all worth while when you see how masterfully the graphics come together with the story and give ps3 owners the best looking game thus far.
NO_PUDding  +   2492d ago
As much as I don't care abotu Uncharted, it's certainly better lookign than MGS4, as much as I love MGS4.
Surfman  +   2492d ago
pimpstation  +   2492d ago
Since when was FoxNews a credible source for anything at all?
G1TR4P3D  +   2492d ago
Never, but even a dog licks his own asshole somtimes! HAHAHahhA owned.
theKiller  +   2492d ago
ha ha ha, am sure also they thought this game was a shooting game or action game!! its F@cking stealth action adventure game!!!!
well around 50 other reviewers says other wise!

MGS4 perfect reviews from!

10/10 from kombo
10/10 from gamespot
10/10 from IGN
10/10 from Playstation Official Magazine UK
10/10 from GamePro
10/10 from Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
10/10 from Game Informer
10/10 from Gameplayer
10/10 from Console Monster
10/10 from PSX Extreme
10/10 from AceGamez
10/10 from Famitsu
10/10 from MeriStation (Spain)
10/10 from PlayStation Beyond
10/10 from Empire Online
10/10 from neocrisis
10/10 from Rise of Games
10/10 from pocket-lint
10/10 from gamespot(UK)
10/10 from JeuxVideo.FR
10/10 from bingegamer(BG)
10/10 from PSU
10/10 from Dubious (104%)
10/10 from 411
10/10 from X-Play
10/10 from PlayStationLifeStyle.net
10/10 from Eurogamer Portugal
10/10 from Loot Ninja
10/10 from PST (www.psturkiye.org)
10/10 from ME (megamers.com)
10/10 from 360-Entertainment
10/10 from jv.org
10/10 from Level 26
10/10 from PSM (Italy)
10/10 from Playr (bravo uk)
10/10 from ReelGamers
10/10 from Sl!ceGaming
10/10 from Sci Fi
10/10 from Giant Bomb
10/10 from Maxim Online
10/10 from Thunderbolt Games
10/10 from TheSixthAxis
10/10 from Lawrence
10/10 from Digital Chumps
10/10 from get2sammyb.co.uk
10/10 from Hooked Gamers
10/10 from GamingAge
10/10 from QJ.Net
10/10 from G4 TV
10/10 from Geekscribe
10/10 from SCRAWL (scrawlfx.com)
10/10 from LoadingReality.com
10/10 from Lazygamer
10/10 from Consolenauts
10/10 from Gamesdog
10/10 from ztgamedomain.com

foxnews is hardcore 360 fanboys!! Mass effect was a half flop and they tried to draw attention by saying the sexual stuff in it is bad and bla bla bla!
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G1TR4P3D  +   2492d ago
Mark as Spam.
Expy  +   2492d ago
FOXNEWS: Less SLACKING OFF, and more IMPORTANT NEWS. What are you guys doing reviewing games? Morons.
Nitrowolf2  +   2492d ago
dude i totally agree
Yes its a great game and all but that not there job to review it. Since when does fox news review games? This is the first i heard.
i bet ya they just more people going to there site or something.
thebudgetgamer  +   2492d ago
dont they have more pressing issues like britneys bagingo
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tplarkin7  +   2492d ago
It's not Foxnews.
It's the Associated Press. Foxnews is just relaying the AP feed.
Wildarmsjecht  +   2492d ago

Ok, before anyone comes in here talking about "Why is it that whenever it gets less than a 9, it's a bias reviewer or a dumb one and blah blah blah" Please look at the "reviewer"

Yea. Fox news. The supposed World Wide leader for fair and unbiased news casting.

Im gonna let the irony float alittle more while I chuckle. heh..amazing.
rexor0717  +   2492d ago
like i care
Condoleezza Rice  +   2492d ago
Counter_ACT  +   2492d ago
Idiots. In the end, who gives one about what Foxnews think?
Xi  +   2492d ago
Kyur4ThePain  +   2492d ago
Elephant ears
I don't care if the president of the starfleet federation reviews this game and brings out a law that says everyone will accept that MGS4 is a 1/100. It would make no difference. I would make no difference to anyone who has played it.

I just completed it. I know what I think of it. I know MY score, and that's all that matters.
christina aguilera  +   2492d ago
weazel news.
nycredude  +   2492d ago
Not only do they have no clue how to review games but wtf is up with the out of four format?

3/4 let me get this straight so MGS4 is 75% game. Ok there goes their credibility. Don't quit your day job, even though they suck sh*t there also!

I don't think the question should be whether "Metal Gear Solid 4" a game or an experience?"

It should be is "Fox News a news site or a game review site?"

The answer is very obvious!! NEITHER!
meepmoopmeep  +   2492d ago
why do they review out of 4?
Alexander Roy  +   2492d ago
They can't count higher.
CrashSharc  +   2492d ago
Because Their readers only know how to think along Movie review parameters.
keony  +   2492d ago
like Kojima said, MSG is for fans.
WacksOnWacksOff  +   2491d ago
Couldn't have said it better. I don't understand why everybody is getting upset here. This review is a reflection of what the more casual gamer is likely to get out of MGS4. This game is more for the hardcore gamers who are more familiar with the series. The casual gamer is not going to spooge in their pants over this game like the existing fans are. Just because a non-MGS fan doesn't "get it" like the hardcore fans do, it doesn't mean that his/her opinion of the game is any less valid. It merely means that his/her opinion reflects the viewpoint of a more casual gamer.
ROCCOZILLA  +   2492d ago
like a local tv station knows games,lmao!!MGS4 a 10.5/10.PLAY B3YOND!!
BigKev45  +   2492d ago
Foxnews is a bunch of conservatives, they know it all. lol.
PimpHandHappy  +   2492d ago
its the first review i have ever seen with Foxnews.com!

Dark General  +   2492d ago
Faux news
Since when did they review video games? And on a 4 rating scale? Jeez they might as well have a skip it, rent it, or buy it rating.
Dethspyder  +   2492d ago
I think the Faux part went over peoples heads look it up people it's french for phony or fake
niall77  +   2492d ago
Fox news?
jollygoodchap8  +   2492d ago
Fox news? Well that's a new one.
MetalProxy  +   2492d ago
whats next Sports Illistrated reveiw of MGS4?

Note to FoxNews: STFU
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PoSTedUP  +   2492d ago
more action? any more action and my mine will explode!

the story was incredible. i beat it last night.........and im speechless. truly the game of the year.
kingOVsticks  +   2492d ago
"Needs More Action"
who the hell says that about a tactical espionage game? MGS4 at that and this is the first review i seen that gave it a 3...Yes I know its on a 1-4 scale(wtf that scale is for movies) but a 3 is always to low for MGS4 unless its on a 1-3 scale.... im not even sure that scale even exist 0.o. Also didn't the other foxnews site give this game a 10/10
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G1TR4P3D   2492d ago | Offensive
kazuma  +   2492d ago
i didn't even bother reading the review, just the header was enough "mgs4 needs more action, less story".

sure i understand some ppl don't "get" metal gear, still i thank kojima that he never listened to them and just persisted with his vision.
PSWe60  +   2492d ago
FOX News
For Fukc sake, it's a video game not a crappy reality show.
Fox has no business in news let alone gaming
PSWe60  +   2492d ago
We're talking about games here Jack@ss, not what you like to do on your free time
Pornlord  +   2492d ago
Fox news also stands up for Bush, attacks barrack obabma, and builds up McCain... they're the Joke of the news industry. Ignore them. Jon Stewart said he couldn't put the game down. :)
steck67  +   2492d ago
What the, now news people are reviewing it? Fox news are going to get a lot of haters for their shows.
jacobdevos  +   2492d ago
i don't know if anyone wants to go this far..
but doesn't this seem completely on par with their war coverage?
less story more fighting?
less detail more fighting?
less intelligence, more confrontation?
f*ck fox news
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2492d ago
Just let that sink in for a moment...Foxnews...reviewing MGS4. You don't have to comment back, just think about it.
...ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!! :)
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