How To Beat Little Mac in Smash Bros

Venks of Berathen provides tips on fighting one of the most popular characters in Super Smash Bros for 3DS's For Glory mode.

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IRBGamer1085d ago

lol, funny but the truth

Ilovetheps41085d ago

Exactly my thoughts. Little Mac isn't good at all. Once you get him in the air/off the edge, he's worthless.

Eamon1084d ago

He's OP on the ground but a hammer in mid-air.

Theyellowflash301085d ago

Get him in the air, and throw him off stage

Dudebro901085d ago

He's pretty easy to dodge. Just don't try to go toe to toe with him.

98xpresent1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

This is how you beat him lol

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